Yakunin opens first section of new combined road in Sochi

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The first section of the “Adler – Alpika-Service” combined railway and highway was officially opened today in Adler. As noted at the opening ceremony by Vladimir Yakunin, president of JSC Russian Railways, the company put this first phase of the project into operation on schedule.

‘The first section of the combined road built by JSC Russian Railways is 6 km long and connects the Imereti lowland with the existing highway to Krasnaya Polyana, bypassing the urban boundaries of Adler,’ said Vladimir Yakunin.

The new road will provide circular movement around the airport, which, in turn, will greatly facilitate the organization of vehicle traffic at Olympic construction sites and ease congestion.

‘There are obvious benefits for residents of the Adler district, visitors to Sochi, and, of course, construction workers at Olympic sites from the extra kilometres of road added to the existing network,’ said Mr Yakunin.

The total length of the first automobile section of the “Adler – Alpika Service” combined railway and highway, an Olympic facility, is 6 km (4 lanes) and the section includes two interchanges. The bridges and overpasses on this stretch of road are 2.241 km long and the acoustic screens are 5.513 km.

The section of road will help control all transit traffic from the Psou region towards Sochi, bypassing the center of Adler.

The transport hub interconnects Adler, Veseloe, Krasnaya Polyana and the Imeriti lowland.

Traffic on the Adler – Krasnaya Polyana highway from where it intersects the M-27 Dzhugba-Sochi highway is set to increase to 25,220 vehicles / day.

The number of lanes on the interchange slip roads takes into account projected traffic growth over the next 20 years.


JSC Russian Railways is building the main infrastructure facility for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi: the “Adler – Alpika Service” combined railway and highway.
The lines of this road run to a total of 124.5 km, including 6 tunnel complexes (a total of 14 tunnels), 36 rail and 31 road bridges.

The project has a strict completion deadline of 5 years, which requires focusing all logistical and financial resources on the simultaneous operation of all sites.

Six tunnel complexes are currently under construction in mountainous areas. Emergency evacuation and service passages have been drilled for the first and fifth complexes, as well as rail tunnel № 2. The remaining tunnels are on schedule.


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