Watchdog warns of up to 13% rail fare increase in 2012

Rail passengers will face the first of three years of ‘inflation-busting fare rises’ in January 2012.

The RPI figure released today, confirms that the new formula for Government capped fares will mean an average rise of 8% .

However, train companies can set fares on individual routes by up to an extra 5%.

David Sidebottom, Passenger Focus director, said:

“Having some fares regulated is clearly in passengers’ interests. However, the way that train companies are allowed to set fares on individual routes is deeply unfair.

“Some passengers, who may have seen no investment or improvements, can get hit year after year. Passenger Focus will forcefully advocate change to this system in the Government’s forthcoming fares review.

“The Government’s commitment that the next three years should signal the end of inflation plus three per cent rises is welcome but in the meantime passengers will have to dig deep.”



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