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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Trenitalia c2c recovers £255,000 in prosecution payments since January

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Local rail operator Trenitalia c2c has recouped over £255,000 in lost revenue so far this year, after bolstering its Revenue Protection team and deploying tactical operations to apprehend those travelling without a valid ticket.

The £255,000 was recouped in the first six months of 2024, up from £317,000 for the whole of 2023, demonstrating that c2c’s commitment to reducing and eliminating fare evasion across the network, has only continued, with the Revenue Protection team on track for a record year.

After recently expanding the team with a group of new recruits, c2c’s revenue protection officers are serving fare-paying customers, using a data-led approach to crack down on fare evasion. Some of the largest examples of recouped revenue during the last few weeks include:

  • £3,181.50 from an individual who was stopped at West Ham for being in possession of a short monthly ticket valid between Tilbury Town and Grays. Following an investigation, 13 monthly and 27 weekly short tickets were found going back to September 2022, which have now been recovered.
  • £2,369.00 from an individual who was travelling on a short ticket valid between Pitsea and Basildon but caught at West Ham. Further investigation found that the individual had purchased 22 short flexi season tickets, valid between Pitsea and Basildon, but travelled to West Ham and then on the underground. They paid the full amount after being sent a first letter.
  • £2,149.00 for an individual that was stopped and questioned at West Ham for being in possession of a short weekly ticket valid between Pitsea and Basildon. Upon further investigation, it was found the individual had travelled between Pitsea and West Ham on short weekly tickets to Basildon for a total of 31 weeks. The individual later paid the total settlement amount.
Ian Palmer.

Iain Palmer, c2c head of revenue protection and security, said: “Of course, we are very pleased that we have managed to recover such a significant figure in lost revenue, which is wholly down the incredible efforts of the Revenue Protection team who have worked tirelessly across our line to find fare evaders and those travelling without a valid ticket.

“Fare evasion is a criminal offence and costs the rail industry millions of pounds every year, while contributing to anti-social behaviour. It isn’t fair to the millions of fare-paying customers that use our network that some believe they can circumnavigate the rules and get away with evading the cost.

“We will continue our efforts to target fare evaders, driving down ticketless and fraudulent travel. We’ve already bolstered our team and will continue to do so in the future, so my message to anyone thinking of not paying for their ticket is simple – don’t! Please make sure you have the correct ticket for the full duration of your journey.”

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