Translink launch ‘DEADLINE’ rail safety campaign

Translink is appealing to motorists and pedestrians to Think Safe and Stay Safe at railway crossings, station platforms and on trains with the launch of its summer safety DEADLINE campaign.

With thousands of children off school for the summer break, Translink in partnership with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) would like to remind everyone about the importance of rail safety this summer.

Translink and the PSNI are working together to prevent potentially hazardous incidents of trespassing and dangerous behaviour on or near trains, tracks, railway crossings and on station platforms.

Each year during the summer period, incidents of pedestrian trespassing increase significantly with 114 recorded last July and August.

Additionally, over the past three years an average of 10 incidents of motorist and pedestrian misuse at public crossings has been recorded every month. A total of 121 people were prosecuted in the past year due to safety related incidents and were fined a total of £13,000.

Lynda Shannon, Communications Manager at Translink said:

“Safety continues to be a priority for Translink, which is why we are running the Deadline campaign. Many young people are oblivious to the very real dangers of ‘messing around’ near railway tracks.

“They are putting themselves and the lives of other rail users at severe risk without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

“The rules are simple, Think Safe – Stay Safe. Never play on or near tracks, stay clear of the platform unless you are using the train, don’t use the tracks as a shortcut and use railway crossings safely.

“These warnings also extend to motorists – don’t be tempted to jump the lights or beat the barriers at crossings, especially as our Class 4000 trains are being tested across the network in the coming months and travelling at speeds of up to 90mph.

“We have CCTV in operation at stations and level crossings and in addition, there are a number of railway employees based at crossings who record all instances of trespassing and misuse. The risk of getting caught and potentially getting a criminal record is just too great.”

CCTV is in operation at stations, railway crossings and on most trains. Translink monitors inappropriate behaviour and prosecutes anyone caught damaging property or endangering others.


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