Thessaloniki Metro tunnelling completed

Photo: Konstantinos Stampoulis.
Photo: Konstantinos Stampoulis.

Attiko Metro has announced that all of the tunnels of the Thessaloniki Metro have been completed.

The tunnel boring machine ‘Frixos’ arrived at 25is Martiou station in the second tunnel of the Kalamaria extension on July 31, marking the completion of tunnelling activities.

Attika Metro, which is overseeing the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro and also manages the Athens Metro, said that civil works are 80 per cent complete and work on the Kalamaria extension is now 60 per cent complete.

Attiko Metro chair Yannis Mylopoulos said: “The completion of all tunneling works in both lines, the Base line and the extension to Kalamaria, brings the project closer to its termination.

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“The connection of the tunnels at the Kalamaria extension line with the Base line of Thessaloniki Metro coincides with the completion of the most difficult in technical terms, due to geological difficulties, the most time-consuming and the most expensive part of a metro project, which is the boring of underground tunnels.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to all Attiko Metro employees and to the personnel of the contracting company Aktor for the great joint effort we have all made during the last two and a half years to revive a major project and make a dream come true for the city of Thessaloniki.”

The Base Line is expected to open in 2020 and the Kalamaria extension in 2021.

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