Strukton Rolling Stock and SiCC to cooperate on Ji’nan Metro

Credit: Tatsianama/Shutterstock.
Credit: Tatsianama/Shutterstock.
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Strukton Rolling Stock, of the Netherlands, and Chinese tech firm SiCC have initiated a joint venture for the design, production and delivery of systems for the Ji’nan Metro.

The company, named the Shandong SRCC Rail Transit Technology, will tender for propulsion packages for the metro network and later tender for other rolling stock projects in the Shandong province.

Strukton Rolling Stock will provide the technological knowledge and design and produce key components from the Netherlands while SiCC will provide production and assembly facilities, labour and local market knowledge.

The joint venture will start with the tender for the 19km R3 line.

Ji’nan is planning to construct eight new metro lines, including three suburban lines and five urban metro lines, with a total length of 275 km and 176 stations. The first vehicles will be delivered in the second half of 2018. Other cities in the Shandong province are also planning to construct metro lines as well.

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