Strasbourg’s cross-border tram to begin on-track testing

Photo: Alstom.

Strasbourg’s first new cross-border Citadis tram is set to begin dynamic testing after being delivered by Alstom.

Operator Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) signed a framework for 50 trams in 2014 – 12 of these were ordered at the time.

On-track testing is now due to begin. The remaining 11 units will be delivered by May 2017. Commercial services a due to start in April.

The 45-metre long trams will complement the existing Citadis fleet in Strasbourg, operating on lines A and D, including the extension to Kehl in Germany, which will make it France’s first cross-border tram service.

The cross-border connection means the trams have had to comply with Germany’s BOStrab regulations for light rail vehicles.

Jean-Baptiste Eymeoud, president of Alstom in France, said: “Alstom is proud to help link up Kehl to Strasbourg, creating a unique bond of friendship between the two cities.”