Station volunteer’s artwork captures spirit of old Blythe Bridge station

A local resident and active member of the station adoption group at Blythe Bridge station has used her artistic skills to great effect to create a stunning oil painting of the station in bygone days.

The budding amateur artist is Norah Stanier, who has been painting in oils for 15 years. Norah based her design on a photograph of the station taken around 1960.

Norah said: “I’ve been involved at the station for almost four years now as part of the adoption group and got to thinking how much it has changed through the years. I was lent the old photograph and thought it would be a lovely subject for a painting so passengers can compare the smart, modern look of the station today with how it used to be.”

Norah’s 10”x12” painting shows the former signal box at the station and the traditional station buildings that housed the booking hall and waiting room.

A copy of the work has been framed and today Norah is presenting this to Andy Moore, East Midlands Trains’ Head of Stations, for display in their Training Academy in Derby. A further copy will be put on show at the station and also at Forsbrook Parish Council.

Andy Moore, East Midlands Trains’ new Head of Stations, said: “I’ve seen fantastic improvements on the station brought about by a really enthusiastic adoption team at Blythe Bridge. Their efforts continue to improve the environment for all users of the station and I really appreciate their time and hard work.

“I travel regularly between Blythe Bridge and Derby and have been lucky to see first-hand the improvements that have been made. I’m looking forward to seeing Norah’s painting on display at the station and in our training academy so our passengers and staff will be able to have a constant reminder of the changes made at Blythe Bridge”.

Partnership Officer Faye Lambert, who works with the Blythe Bridge adoption group said: “This is a unique project by one of our brilliant volunteers and will be a real keepsake for the station, the community and East Midlands Trains.”

Thanks to the work of Blythe Bridge station volunteers transforming the station gardens, the station was voted ‘Best Small Station 2010’ in East Midlands Trains’ Best Stations Awards.


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