Stadler to build narrow-gauge EMUs for Stockholm’s Roslagsbanan

Credit: Stadler.

Stadler has won a contract worth around CHF 232 million (€215 million) from Stockholm’s public transport body, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), to supply 22 custom-built EMUs for the city’s narrow-gauge Roslagsbanan network.

The new three-car EMUs will be designed specifically for the 891 mm track gauge and 1500 V DC overhead electrification system found on the Roslagsbanan – a 65 km commuter network serving areas to the northeast of Stockholm.

Although the contract award was first announced in August 2016, it is only now being announced by Stadler following the expiry of the cancellation period on April 21, the company has said.

The contract, which includes an option for up to 45 additional vehicles, specifies that the trains be delivered by 2020. They are due to go into passenger service the following year.

Named the X15p, the trains are built around aluminium bodyshells and include several design features to equip them for harsh wintry conditions; these include closed engine rooms, double-wall intercar gangways, underfloor heating and warm air curtains on the entrance doors.

Each train will be able to carry 300 passengers and will have a top operating speed of 120 km/h.

Announcing the contract agreement, Peter Spuhler, the owner and chief executive of Stadler, said: “We are delighted with this order from Stockholm.

“The customised vehicles will allow us to evidence our flexibility and customer focus once again.”

New trains are part of a wider upgrade programme for the network.