Southeastern train refurbished in under 3 minutes

Transys Projects has released a timelapse video showing the refurbishment of a Southeastern train carriage.

Transys has ‘nearly completed’ the 18-month long project to refurbish 148 Electrostar trains and install new CCTV systems.

Project manager for Transys Projects, Paul Sanders, explains the process:

“We have just 48 hours to remove the original CCTV system and fit the new upgraded system including all new wiring and inter-car jumpers, whilst simultaneously upgrading the first class areas and refreshing the rest of the carriages.

“We’re handling two units at any one time, so it’s a complex project. On the 36 Class 376 units, which do not have the refresh, we now complete the CCTV upgrade in less than 24 hours.”

The team are working with Class 375 and 376 units, upgrading the CCTV systems to fit an Ethernet based, four camera per car system.

The new CCTV system interfaces to the MITRAC train control computer and other vehicle systems, providing images to driver IDU’s and stewards’ monitors.

All of the Class 375 carriages are undergoing a comprehensive refresh, including full interior deep clean and replacement of seat covers as well as new carpets, panelling, tables , graffiti removal and repainting of interior panels where required.


  1. Whilst understanding that CCTV that is obvious to potential idiots is perhaps better than more covert installations, I do find the cheap looking moulding and oversized nature of the new camera domes to look like a product of Mattel, or perhaps “My First Sony CCTV System”. When I first saw them I was convinced they were dummies to fool dummies, but instead they seem to have fooled me!

    The flooring, that is not renewed, now looks extra shabby in contrast to the new seat covers.

    •  At one point some Southeastern staff have said that most of those new CCTV domes are dummies. Saying that the quality of the plastic used does make it look like a cheap fake camera you’d find in a £1 shop rather than house an actual camera.


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