SJ invests in thriving sleeper trains

Photo: Capri Norrman/SJ.
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Swedish train operator SJ has announced plans to refurbish its sleeper carriages and overhaul its booking system following a surge in demand for the long-distance services.

Over the last five years, passenger numbers on its Malmö to Stockholm services have increased by 100 per cent.

There has also been growth on the Gothenburg-Stockholm-Umeå-Luleå-Kiruna-Narvi route, where passenger numbers have risen by 25 per cent.

This trend contrasts the situation across other parts of Europe where competition from budget airlines has resulted in sleeper services being withdrawn and demand appearing to decline.

Photo: Capri Norrman/SJ.

SJ plans to refurbish and overhaul 58 of its sleeper carriages. The project is expected to cost SEK 150 million and the first carriage will be withdrawn from service at the start of next year.

SJ is also changing the way passengers are able to book private compartments.

Passengers in second class will now be able to book a private sleeper – an option which is currently only available to first class passengers.

The operator said soaring demand for private sleeper compartments in recent years meant that although there was often space in second class, its first class compartments were regularly fully booked.

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