Signalling, safety, software – Next Generation Software Solutions for the rail industry

Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe (HICSE) recognise that in today’s world, technology has become more important than ever.

The company have been working on the next generation of software products to support the changing world and focusing on the interoperability and accessibility of software to deliver an improved user experience to support engineering activities throughout the whole lifecycle of signalling works on one easily accessible platform, allowing users to identify issues earlier in the works saving money.

Starting with a new web framework to target the cloud, offline installations & private cloud instances to fit the needs of our users. Once completed all HICSE products will be migrated to the new system and be available whenever needed with a focus on:

Accessibility – By migrating to cloud platforms all HICSE products will be accessible from the comfort of the home. Work can be conducted remotely when needed helping us all stay safe. Software will be available through the browser using secure log in allowing access from any machine at any time.

Interoperability – Imagine that you could test a design and quickly prove it works through realistic simulation before any work had been undertaken. The most beneficial and efficient works could be undertaken, and costly mistake avoided right at the start of any signalling work or planning activity. Linking together our well proven simulation software with other activities across the entire lifecycle, from timetable planning through to interlocking testing and signaller training, we can do just that.

Adaptability – We understand that different parts of the industry have different needs. That’s why the web technology will focus on adaptability. User experience will be customisable wherever possible and the system will be deployable in several different configurations to suit the needs of the users.

Security – Web framework will be safe and secure by design, giving you confidence that your data and personal information will be protected.

For more information on the exciting concepts, technology and developments being made and how we can help support your business, check out our website on or email for more information or an information chat [email protected]

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