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Russian Railways’ passengers want smoking ban enforced

Russian Railways has conducted a survey on the issue of smoking on trains and at stations.

The results showed that most passengers have strong opinions on smoking in non-smoking areas.

Passengers are most concerned about the problem of people smoking in carriage vestibules on suburban trains. Smoking in these vestibules is forbidden by law, but this ban is continually violated.

This worsens the travel conditions for passengers and results in litter left in carriages.

Three quarters of passengers strongly object to smoking in suburban train vestibules, and of those 27.3% are smokers who abide by the ban on smoking on suburban trains.

Respondents also expressed their opinions on methods used against smoking. The most popular measure would be to increase fines and establish means for enforcing them.

Passengers also expressed their hope that large-scale campaigns will be carried out to highlight the dangers of smoking, and their wish for ban on cigarette sales on trains and at stations.

A question was also asked on the possibility of banning smoking on platforms. Almost one half of respondents are in favour of such a ban, but with the creation of special zones for smoking.

The company says it plans to use the survey results in its work.


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