Rolls-Royce to support CRRC in Belt and Road strategy

Chinese rolling stock manufacturer has struck a deal with Rolls-Royce Power Systems to continue their strategic relationship.

The agreement will see CRRC continue to consider Rolls-Royce’s MTU engines in its locomotives and diesel trains.

The two companies will also collaborate on future technologies, including hybrid drives and gas engines.

This partnership supports China’s ‘Belt and Road’ strategy, to expand and enhance its connections with Asia, Europe and Africa with the aim of stimulating and improving the movement of goods.

To achieve this, China is looking to invest the equivalent of billions of Euros in the infrastructure of many countries in these regions, and CRRC is playing a key role in this.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ CEO Andreas Schell said: “We are proud that we are consistently convincing CRRC, one of the major players in the global rail market, of the quality of our drive solutions.

“Our close working relationship has been established firmly in recent years, and this agreement puts it on a new footing – something which is going to benefit both partners, and our customers as well.”

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  1. Whilst it is good news that CRRC is co-operating with Rolls Royce, I only hope that our super-rich Chinese friends do not suddenly make speculative takeover moves towards Rolls Royce. Nobody in the UK wants to see another established British company becoming foreign-owned!


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