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Friday, June 25, 2021

RMT & London Underground ‘in talks’ over impending strikes

London Underground and the RMT are set to meet today to discuss impending Tube strikes.

Strikes are set to begin this weekend following a row over the sacking of a RMT member.

The organisation ACAS, who specialise in preventing and resolving employment disputes, will hold the talks.

The RMT have said it’s ‘not too late’ for London Underground to make amends.

The union said that ‘rather than plunging London into a series of tube-wide actions there is still time to put right this wrong’.

Bob Crow said the union wants to achieve a ‘just outcome’.

The driver at the centre of the dispute, Arwyn Thomas has been ‘a member of the RMT for nearly 30 years and throughout this time has had an exemplary employment record’.

The RMT say the allegations made against Mr Thomas (including being abusive towards a strike-bearer) are ‘wholly unfounded’.


  1. intensley ANNOYING and super DISRUPTIVE for us that have to get to jobs, pay a bleedin’ fortune for monthly rail travel and Bob and his twonks hold everyone to ransom with this stupidity. thanks for nothing…….may the fleas of a 1000 camels infect you comes to mind as a curse


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