Renfe orders 15 new high-speed trains from Talgo in €495m deal

Credit: Talgo.
Credit: Talgo.
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Renfe has taken up the option for an additional 15 high-speed trains from Spanish rolling stock manufacturer Talgo.

The option was included in an initial deal that the state-owned Spanish operator made with Talgo for 15 Avril trains back in November 2016.

In total, the contract is worth €495 million, €242.7 million for the purchase of the variable gauge trains and another €252.3 million for 30 years of maintenance, which will be undertaken by a joint Talgo and Renfe company.

The new trains will be put into service in 2020.

Renfe said that they will be the “most modern high-speed train fleet in Europe” and will be capable of operating on both Iberian broad gauge and UIC standard gauge lines.

They will also have advanced signalling and security systems and improved access for wheelchair users.

Renfe’s board of directors approved the purchase on May 31.

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