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Railtex exhibitors 2013

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Abloy UK

Stand B51

Abloy UK, the security expert, is showcasing its Cliq Remote electro mechanical security platform andImage1 Protec2 locking solution, offering rail professionals greater key management and security, including audit trails for padlocks.

Cliq Remote uses web based software allowing rail engineers and their contractors to have keys remotely authorised for use in specific operational areas within the existing masterkey system for a pre-determined period of time. This ensures the highest level of key control incorporating maximum flexibility to ensure access in the event of an emergency to nominated key holders.

Also on show will be PROTEC2, the latest development of Abloy’s unique rotating disc cylinder keying system. This offers high-level mechanical security, but it can also be integrated with Abloy’s electromechanical CLIQ technology to provide upgraded security combined with access control.

Specially designed to provide the highest level of security for the most sensitive areas, PROTEC2 offers a patented disc controller structure that requires a moving element in the key.


Stand C30

Acorel, established 25 years ago, has become the international leader of accurate automatic people and passenger counting solutions, with over 35,000 installations spanning 20 different countries.

Acorel’s counting technologies include infra-red, laser and its new digital stereoscopic sensors. With these new technologies and architectures, Acorel is becoming the preferred solution across many international tram, train and bus manufacturers.

To complement its sensor technology, Acorel’s Focus Software Suite now provides dedicated real-time reports including:  load, fare evasion, vehicle and stop usage and many more.


Stand G11

Alstom Transport, a promoter of sustainable mobility, develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway sector.

In addition, Alstom Transport also manages entire transport systems, taking in rolling stock, signalling and infrastructure, and offers ‘turnkey’ solutions.

In 2011-2012, Alstom Transport recorded sales of €5.2 billion. The company is present in over 60 countries and employs 24,700 people.

Anderton Concrete Products

Stand A67

Anderton Concrete Products will be promoting its range of innovative retaining wall systems and rail products at Railtex.

The range of dry- laid retaining wall and soil reinforcement solutions include Stepoc, which is a direct alternative to shuttered concrete. For larger structures that require a more aesthetic finish, Keystone is a system of modular retaining wall units that can be used in conjunction with a geogrid to provide tall walls or to accommodate high surcharges – ideal for railside, roadside and bridge locations. Slope-Loc is used for similar applications to Keystone – also using geogrid, but offers a sloped face finish which is ideal for railway embankments.

Anderton Concrete’s name is also synonymous with the supply of quality cable troughing and railway products (including platform copings and oversailing blocks) throughout the network. They have successfully supplied many prestigious schemes, including Crossrail, Thameslink, Fixed Telecom Network, High Speed 1 and the West Coast Main Line Upgrade.

Be-Ge Seating UK

Stand B57

Be-Ge Seating UK’s new memory seat for train drivers will be launched at Railtex. It is fully electrical and has a memory function that can store hundreds of driver seat positions on board the seat. Each driver is issued with a key fob which, when presented to the seat, automatically adjusts the headrest, backrest, lumbar, slides and cushion to the desired driving position.

It is especially useful in rail applications as it not only reduces time during driver changeover, it ensures that each driver gets the exact seating position to suit their posture reducing the possible risks of back-related injuries.

Setup is via a program on a standard laptop. Once a driver has adjusted the seat the most comfortable position, it is stored on the key fob and the seat remembers the unique setup for that driver.

Bombardier Transportation

Stand D61

Bombardier Transportation will be presenting its technology-leading range of trains, rail equipment and asset life management services – creating better ways to move Britain.

Highlights will include the latest AVENTRA Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU), offering best-in-class commuter train performance for the UK market. Also on display will be the ZEFIRO Very High Speed train technology, combining the world’s fastest rail speeds with ground-breaking aerodynamic and environmental performance.

Other rolling stock exhibits will include the MOVIA metro, the TRAXX P200 AC locomotive and the FLEXITY 2 tram, which made its world premiere here in the UK.

Bombardier will also exhibit its CITYFLO 650 automatic train control system, currently being delivered to London Underground as part of the world’s largest signalling upgrade as well as its INTERFLO 450 ERTMS and its EBI Cab 2000 systems. In addition, Bombardier will showcase its portfolio of ‘smart transport solutions’ which are improving urban flow and passenger comfort from Brazil to Riyadh.

Last, but by no means least, Bombardier will demonstrate how its market-leading fleet management services teams, based at 30 locations across the UK, provide the technical support, tools, skilled people and back-up that helped London’s train operators to achieve exceptional reliability and availability during the London 2012 Olympic Games and attract praise from the world’s visitors and media.

Camlin Rail

Stand E111

Camlin Rail is making its debut at Railtex 2013.

The company’s philosophy is to automate the fault location process to eliminate or minimise the impact of a cable fault or theft. On its stand, Camlin Rail will be showcasing a number of innovative products:

SIGNET – Only Network Rail approved supplier of automatic re-configuration for signalling power;

TRANSFLEKT – Fixed TDR for instantaneous reporting of cable faults or theft for signalling power feeders;

REFLEKT – Portable and robust TDR for fast and simple automated distance to fault for power and signalling cables;

PROFILE P3 – Handheld device to capture circuit breaker ‘first trip’.

There will be live demonstrations available for all products.

Cleshar Contract Services

Stand C15

Cleshar Contract Services Ltd, in over 20 years of trading, has developed a strong reputation in successfully delivering a comprehensive range of projects linked to all aspects of the Rail Infrastructure industry.

With activities covering design, construction, maintenance and renewals projects, Cleshar Contract Services Ltd works with its clients to provide innovative, integrated and economic project solutions underpinned by an unswerving commitment to core values both in respect of HSQE and relationships.

The company’s strengths lie in the quality of its people, both technically and practically, who bring many years of experience and professionalism to the table. Their entrepreneurial skills constantly drive innovation.

Cleshar Contract Services Ltd is on track to becoming a leading infrastructure services company in its operational market sectors in the United Kingdom.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation

Stand A45

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO), in an industry where quality, safety and reliability are paramount, provides the security and confidence in lifting and clamping tasks the rail industry demands. The company’s diverse range of products including rail jacks, mobile lifting jacks, hoists, ratchet jacks, rail clamps and actuators, is ideally suited to operations in rail maintenance and repair, in the workshop or on the track.

CMCO’s comprehensive range of products and systems for the rail industry include under-floor lifting systems for the assembly and disassembly of bogies or wheel sets, along with lifting jacks of up to 50 tonnes capacity. In addition, the company produces manual and electric turntables and drop tables for handling bogies or wheel sets inside the workshop.

Camlok single and multi-rail clamps and Yale Pul-lift lever hoists are also in the range.

Commend UKCUK_SR1202_TS_AF_C.IMG1.01

Stand D70

Commend UK’s new SR1002 Help Points provide the latest technologies in completely redesigned and updated housing suitable for the rail market.

Fully IP-enabled, allowing remote maintenance access and with a 6mm toughened glass front panel, this unit has been designed to fulfil the current and future requirements of all train operators and end users. It includes a 15” touch screen to display the train operator’s website, this will give passengers such information as live departures, delays and journey planning to aid their journey and provide more ‘self find information’.

Up to two fully-programmable buttons (Emergency and Information have been used for this example) allow calls to be routed through to an appropriate control centre should the Passenger require further assistance.

A built-in IP camera can also be included if required. This will give the option of one or even two way video between the user and the control room.

CRC Industries UK

Stand D40

CRC Industry UK’s AQUA PAINT MARKER is an innovative product development that specifically addresses the problem of solvent discharge into the environment from traditional survey/spot marking paints. These solvents are not only harmful to operators, but are not particularly good for the environment either.

Based on water, and removing all solvents considered harmful, AQUA PAINT MARKER drastically reduces solvent emissions, minimises health and safety concerns, and still delivers uncompromising product performance and will produce temporary marks for use on almost any surface including: concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, grass, soil, and wood.

The water based formulation replaces 35% of the solvents and substitutes the remaining solvent for IPA a ‘gentle’ solvent that is non-aromatic and means that the product does not contain acetone or xylene either.

The evolution continues with a valve and formulation development that negates the requirement for users to clear the valve after use by spraying the product in the air. The No-Purge valve saves on wasted propellant and product which is great news for the environment.

CUBIS Industries

Stand A25

CUBIS Industries’ Buried Cable Routes system is a low cost, safe and environmentally-friendly way to bury trackside cables. The system acts as a deterrent to stop motivated attempts to steal or damage cables.

Anumber of Network Rail projects have been supplied with MULTIduct™ duct bank and STAKKAbox™ Ultima access chamber products in the last twelve months.

Power, telecommunications and signalling cables are carried in MULTIduct units, which join together to form long duct runs (100m typically). Available in 4, 6 and 9-way options, MULTIduct is much stronger than conventional ducting. It does not require a concrete surround or an expansive trench, resulting in cheaper installations.

The system is quickly installed due to its light weight (all parts are below 25kg), lack of specialist equipment and reduced excavation. Installation on one track upgrade was averaging 1km in a 20 hour possession.

Most importantly, where the system has been used (primarily locations where cable theft has been a recurring problem), there have been no successful attempts at theft or vandalism of the cables.


Stand C76

DAC have combined their highly reliable Network Rail approved RA708-CB trackside telephone with a No1 BR lock to produce an anti-vandal signal post telephone.

Traditional solutions when installing telephones in areas where there are high instances of vandalism utilise a fabricated anti-vandal housing.

Whilst this is a perfectly acceptable solution, procurement and installation costs are obviously high. The approved DAC solution, PADS No. 087/000651, will fit on a standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) mounting post, resulting in reduced cost of procurement and a significantly lower cost of civil engineering and installation.

DAC will be demonstrating their Network Rail approved trackside GSM telephone as well as exhibiting its wide range of weatherproof and vandal resistant telephones.

Visitors to stand C76 where will be able to take a look at DAC’s newest developments and to discuss, learn about and experience the latest products that DAC has to offer.

Dold Industries

Stand A41

Dold Industries is a leading ISO 9001 approved European manufacturer of measuring relays, timers and interface relays for industrial and safety applications with a hard-earned reputation for service, product reliability and performance.

Rail Ad Feb 13 no text [online]Currently used throughout Europe and the USA, several train manufacturers and maintainers specify and install Dold relay products. As a direct result of this, many products in our range comply with the current UK rolling stock requirements for EMC, voltage and transients, temperature and shock and vibration.

Test and reliability data is available to customers on request, with the option of additional performance testing if required; our railway compliant products are also CE approved for railway applications.

As Dold is the designers and manufacturer of internal relays, enclosures and PCB assemblies, it has the ability to offer cost effective and flexible technical solutions to replace many of the old and discontinued relays and timers currently in service on UK rolling stock.

Dorset Woolliscroft

Stand D42

Dorset Woolliscroft, part of the Original Style group, will be showcasing its extensive range of slip-resistant floor tiles at Railtex.

As a result of UK and European legislation, increasing importance is being placed on specifying and sourcing the most effective anti-slip flooring. It is imperative that the product specified performs to the required standard for the long term. The latest Stations Code of Practice document for station flooring stipulates that ‘All floors should have some slip resistance when wet or dry’. From platforms to ticket halls, walkways to footbridges and entrances to exits, the Dorset Woolliscroft brand includes a choice of non reflective flooring solutions.

Dorset Woolliscroft tiles are suitable for a broad range of applications where durability, cleanability and safety are important, especially in larger public areas. They have recently been specified for use in many station projects, including Newcastle Metro, London Vauxhall, Richmond, Basingstoke and Staines.

DuPont Performance Coatings

Stand G43

DuPont Performance Coatings, the experienced coatings partner of choice for the rail industry, is exhibiting at Railtex 2013 – stand G43.

Durability, high resistance to wear and low maintenance costs, coupled with pleasing aesthetics and exceptional anti-graffiti properties, characterise the DuPont CoatingSolutions eco-friendly technologies and innovative product offerings. At the show, the brand will highlight its extensive experience in coatings for both new and refurbishment projects by showcasing its internal and external coatings ranges, in particular a vast range of colour choices including metallics, and a wide variety of gloss level finishes.Class 222 010_Meridian_ in East Midlands Trains livery[2]

DuPont CoatingSolutions will also demonstrate its sustainable, technology-driven paint solutions for any application through its technical and global supply solutions. Visitors to the stand can also expect to learn about the DuPont CoatingSolutions’ training courses, which have been designed to meet any requirement for applicators.

Ellis Patents

Stand D72

Ellis Patents, the world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, will be launching a tamper proof cleat at Railtex 2013, which it says will go a long way to eradicating copper cable theft on Britain’s railway network.

This well documented problem is estimated to cost the UK economy £770 million pounds per annum, and according to Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis: “Thieves are currently able to disconnect and remove long lengths of copper cable quickly and far too easily.”

“By installing our tamper proof cleats at regular intervals along the cable their task will be made significantly harder, meaning they will no longer have sufficient time to remove the cables before they are apprehended.”

Ellis will also introduce Pegasus, a range of lightweight composite cable hangers which have been designed specifically for use in rail tunnels at Railtex. The company will also showcase a wide selection of existing solutions, many of which are LUL approved.

Based in Yorkshire, all Ellis products are designed and manufactured in the UK.


Stand B112

Erlau outdoor furniture offers customers a great degree of functionality and design combined with versatility and durability. Its furniture range consists of a variety of innovative benches, seating systems, litter bins, bicycle parking systems to planters and bollards to name a few.

All Erlau furniture is manufactured to IS0 9001 in Germany. It can be expanded, extended or completely refurbished even many years after being purchased and comes with a 10 year anti rust protection guarantee.

The user-friendly railway platform bench range was developed in accordance with the specifications of Deutsche Bahn and tailored to meet the requirements of railway stations. Resistance to vandalism and durability, paired with appealing design, were the key specifications that Erlau managed to fulfil, according to a statement from the product development department of DB AG.

Erlau’s long-term contract confirms its quality. A ten-year anti-rust guarantee, a brake dust-resistant and solvent-resistant surface with a 350µ Rilsan coating and concealed wire ends are just a few of Erlau’s quality criteria.

Federal-Mogul Friction Products

Stand F41

Federal-Mogul Corporation will display its range of Ferodo® organic brake pads and blocks on stand F41. The friction materials have been designed for a comprehensive range of applications, including freight, high speed, locomotive, light rail and passenger coach.

The company will display its extremely high-grade organic LCC and high-temperature brake pads and blocks. The products provide good frictional stability and friction material flexibility, which reduces the formation of hotspots on the brake discs. These characteristics improve the durability of the brake pads and brake discs, ultimately saving the operator money in maintenance costs and downtime.

“Ferodo has been producing friction materials for more than 100 years. This experience enables us to produce the broad range of organic brake pads and blocks that our customers need,” said Dr. Tim Hodges, Federal-Mogul’s Chief Engineer (Railways).

Fiberweb Geosynthetics

Stand H62 

Fiberweb Geosynthetics Limited will be showcasing its TERRAM permanent way Geosynthetics at Railtex 2013. Alongside these it will also launch its new product HYDROTEX, a permanent way solution for trackbed stability that substantially reduces laying costs by eliminating the need for a sand layer and performing as an effective filter/separator for the prevention of clay pumping.

HYDROTEX is a strong blanket consisting of two opposing robust non-woven layers sandwiching a thermally bonded central filter layer. This effective three layer geocomposite allows upwards and downwards water transmission through the permeable layer, but prevents the upwards passage of particles even as fine as 0.002mm. The greatest advantage of TERRAM HYDROTEX is in obviating the need for a sand layer and the consequent saving in labour not only for pouring the sand but also for the prior excavation required.Geosand-Trace- PW1 #143546D [online]

Approved by Network Rail, HYDROTEX has already established a reputation in the industry for its winning combination of cost efficiency plus speed and simplicity of laying.


Stand D74   

Flexicon will be showing its latest LUL ‘approved for use’ liquid tight flexible conduit LTPLFH for the first time on its stand D74. As a low fire hazard product, LTPLFH is highly flame retardant, has low smoke emissions, low toxicity, is halogen, sulphur and phosphorous free and is self extinguishing.

It has a galvanized steel core, which provides a high mechanical strength and a low fire hazard (LFH) polyolefin outer sheath that is oil resistant.   The conduit has also been vibration and shock tested to EN61373 and can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 90°C.

Says Tim Creedon, sales and marketing director for Flexicon: “Flexicon has more LUL approved flexible conduit systems than any other manufacturer.  Also, because we manufacture in the UK, we can respond more quickly with product and technical help and can accommodate specials more quickly, whether this is to supply cut lengths or perhaps even ready made assemblies.”

FP McCann

Stand A107

FP McCann, manufacturer of precast concrete cable troughs and other railway-related items, will be showing the parts it is currently supplying to the Peterborough station project.

Peterborough railway station is undergoing a £43 million re-development which will see new platforms built together with the extension of existing concourses to accommodate longer and more frequent trains. Additional to the platform works, is a new freight line loop to allow greater goods capacity from the docks at Felixstowe.

Main contractor Carillion is expected to complete the works in December 2013. As a nominated Link-up and Supply Line company, FP McCann is supplying the ‘C’ series precast concrete cable protection troughs onto this section of works.

FP McCann has to date delivered in excess of 1,000 precast concrete straight troughs and lids comprising mainly C/1/8 and C/1/43 sections. A smaller quantity of C/1/81 and C/1/23 ‘Tee’ pieces have been supplied to form the junctions.

FUCHS Lubricants (UK)

Stand G40 

FUCHS Lubricants (UK) plc, first time exhibitors at Railtex, manufactures a full range of high performance lubricants and greases for the rail industry. Through close work with OEM’s and industry bodies, FUCHS researches and develops tailor-made lubricants, including specialist noise reduction products.

With increasing legislation, railway companies have to fulfil much stricter requirements regarding noise preventing measurements than they had in the past. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the area of environmentally harmless lubricants for railway traffics, FUCHS has developed TRAM-SILENCE noise reduction paste – a highly-viscous silver paste with a biodegradable base oil which contains a special package of solid lubricants to provide excellent noise reduction. Tests, conducted with a velocity of 45 km/h and in a curve of 150m radius, showed noise reduction was found to be up to 10 dB(A) compared to the untreated rail surfaces.

TRAM-SILENCE has been developed to create a stable friction level which, together with its excellent adhesion properties, guarantees that even small quantities have a remarkable noise reducing effect without affecting the operational safety.


Stand H37

The Kestrel Emergency Telephone System – KETS – has been developed to provide an alternative to the existing Public Emergency Telephone System (PETS).  It uses an entirely different method of operation to the existing system but it has been designed to offer similar control functions and indications in the Signal Box.

KETS is line powered, thus avoiding the need for local power and UPS facilities at the crossings. It has constant alarm monitoring facilities which provide effective real time status of the condition of all telephones and the circuit at all times.
It is designed to integrate in the Kestrel Hawk Concentrator system which itself is fully approved and extensively used in Network Rail and London Underground.

The system uses Kestrel’s enhanced version of the standard DTMF signalling system to provide a more secure technique of operation over noisy analogue lines. It also uses extensive frequency analysis to overcome misinterpretation of possible DTMF patterns which can occur in speech communication.


Stand D15  

Garrandale Limited will exhibit its capabilities in engineering, rail and chemical technology. The stand will play host to a 2:1 scale, fully operational train wash module, interactive models of projects undertaken by the engineering division and examples of waterproofing and graffiti protection from the chemical division.man on platform [online]

The aim is to show visitors the breadth of Garrandale’s capabilities and ability to solve problems. Garrandale Rail designs, develops, installs and maintains a wide range of carriage wash, fuelling, controlled-emission toilets, lubricating systems and depot protection for rolling stock across the UK and Ireland. It also designs and installs on-board train equipment from CET tanks to cab air conditioning, GSM antennas and carries out corrosion repairs.

Garrandale’s Trion and Graffstop products provide graffiti removal and protection for a wide range of surfaces, whilst its FlexiStop polymer coating offers an inexpensive means of preventing leaking on carriage roofs, bellows and buildings.

Garrandale’s innovative solutions have included large/small assembly fixtures used in the various stages of rail vehicle construction, cabin crew training simulators and superconducting coil machining/handling equipment.

GSP Sprachtechnologie

Stand H64   

GSP Sprachtechnologie GmbH (GSP) offers reliable and functional passenger information systems that are an essential part of modern local passenger trains. The core of the passenger information system (PIS) is the on-board computer, which features an Ethernet interface and optional modules such as GPS, GSM, WLAN and MVB. All components are intelligently controlled from this computer.

The various displays show visual information, including passenger destinations, the train’s destination, the train’s route, interior displays as well as TFT info displays. State-of-the-art public address systems with announcement units and amplifiers complete the total system.

In addition, the ongoing communication of real time information between the GSP train system and the control centre ensures that passengers are always continuously kept up to date with the latest information.

Harmill Systems

Stand C111   

Harmill Systems, the specialist depot plant and equipment engineers, will be exhibiting its new innovative road rail Train and Bogie Mover (TM300). A 4-wheel-drive vehicle with 4-wheel-steering able to run on road and rail, the vehicle is remote controlled and is able to pull a 300 tonne train with ease.

9037_Train_mover_1 LARGE [online]Highly manoeuvrable, the vehicle weighs 6 tonnes and each of the four wheels is driven by a 6 kW motor. For maximum manoeuvrability, there are three steering modes: rail, crab and four wheel steering.

Other equipment manufactured by Harmill includes rail mounted inspection vehicles both powered and self propelled together with pit manipulators, side pit manipulators, autocoupler removal tools and a vast range of depot plant solutions Harmill Systems also carries out specialist design and build contracts in the railway environment such as centralised vacuum cleaning systems, dust removal systems and de-icing systems.

Healthcare Connections

Stand F61 

Healthcare Connections, established in 1998, is a highly experienced and trusted provider to the railway industry and beyond. The company operates a nationwide service specialising in drug & alcohol screening, industry-related medicals, preventative health schemes, health surveillance programmes, medical consultancy, absence management & medication checking.

Details of their new, innovative web-based bookings and administration system will be highlighted at Railtex. The secure interface provides clients with their own portal in which to make/manage bookings and receive results. Benefits to the client are numerous:

•    Clients will be able to login securely to perform a range of operations – make online bookings and appointments, complete online medical questionnaires, view/amend existing bookings, manage referrals and deliverables such as laboratory results and certification,

•    Instant client access to real-time and historical reporting and printing of certification copies,

•    Employers can view the live status of a job or referral,

•    Reminders of appointments via email or SMS messaging, reducing costs and avoidance of ‘did not attends’

The system is intuitive and simple to use – the map search facility makes finding a medical centre easy.


Stand G94   

Henkel, the world leader in engineering adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products, is introducing two brand new systems at this exhibition.

The first is the new Loctite® Axle Corrosion Protection System that has been developed to extend the life of axles and reduce the high cost of premature replacement. This new introduction comprises a suite of proven Loctite® products that pre-treat the substrate to inhibit corrosion and promote adhesion and a flexible sealant to prevent corrosion at the axle transition and wheel overhang. This is topped by a fast-curing 2-part paint system that provides impact resistance and a very smooth surface finish. All products have been tested in accordance with CR/PE 0102.

The second highlight at Railtex is a new system for lubricating slide chairs. Originally developed for SNCF, the Loctite® LM416 is central to this new method. Following track trials at Norwich, Banbury and Penzance, this highly effective and cost saving product gained its HK072 Railtex 2013 image [online]Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance in September last year.

Henry Williams

Stand J60

Henry Williams continue to lead the way with their Class II products. They were the first to not only comply with but exceed the requirements of the Class II specifications written by Tahir Ayub and his team for “non-earthed” Signalling power distribution. They received Product Approval months ahead of any other suppliers in this field.

“Our products are blue sky thinking solutions, starting with a clean sheet and a wish list and engineering a bespoke product that fulfils all of the requirements, not just of the specification, but also of installers and maintainers whilst being mindful of the harsh environment that the equipment is being used in.” Says, Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Cotton.

The company has of course got the benefit of over 130 years knowledge of manufacturing products for the railway from permanent way products such as fishplates and G-clamps. Through wiring of signalling Location cases and REB’s to train detection and signalman’s panels.” This knowledge of the network literally from the ground up, allows our engineers to design a Joined up solution, they know what the equipment is for and how it will interact with equipment both up and down stream of the piece they are working on, because we make that piece too.” Adds, Managing Director, Andrew Nelson.

Henry Williams manufactures all of its products in the UK from the same Darlington site they have operated from for over 100 years. The company is a multi-discipline engineering firm that embraces its past as well as having a firm idea of the future and it’s place in it. Henry Williams is one of those companies that make you proud to be British.

Hughton International

Stand G31 

Specialist traction motor and MA set repairer Houghton International will be highlighting HiTRAX™, its solution for life extending traction motors and MA sets, and HiTRANS™, its patent pending transient dynamic MA set test process.

HiTRAX™ is claimed to be the only life extension insulation system in the world developed and marketed specifically into the traction motor market by a traction motor repair company, while HiTRANS™ electrically simulates full load conditions on any type of MA set, replicating exactly what happens in service.

The company is currently undergoing a £1.5 million expansion plan which will double capacity and see the installation of new balancing and undercutting machines along with a new silicone VPI plant, providing multiple VPI and TIG welding technology to ensure the comprehensive range of operations required for high quality AC and DC traction motor rewinds.

Hurst Green Plastics

Stand H13

Hurst Green Plastics has worked with many of the World’s largest aerospace companies such as Airbus, BAE Systems and Lufthansa and has supplied them with their unique TwinBin kanban storage system. It has now developed a heavy duty system, specifically designed to work in the rail environment.

The TripFlag system allows companies to store and dispense any type of part, consumable, fastener or fixing required by engineers to build or maintain rolling stock. Being highly visual, the TripFlag and TwinBin systems enable users to manage their stock levels very efficiently, and by incorporating RFID technology, stock management can be done remotely and in real-time._DSC0679R [online]

The TripFlag dispensers have two compartments; an in-use stock compartment and a back-up safety-stock compartment, and have a visual “trigger” when re-order is necessary.

Other benefits include reducing inventory levels, reducing man hours, reducing administrative costs, environmental contamination and reducing stock-outs.

Ixthus Instrumentation

Stand J56

Ixthus Instrumentation can now achieve accurate wheel diameter measurement in under 30 seconds! The simple to use Riftek IDK is a robust tool for maintenance engineers. Its three point measurement principle offers averaging of multiple readings to give one clear number.

The design is easy to use, either trackside or from a pit below. It offers excellent resolution to 0.01mm from an LED display, is powered from integral rechargeable batteries and weighs only 0.5 kg.

The optional bluetooth output for connection to PDA and PC based software provides for data storage and wear tracking.

Ixthus Instrumentation provides full technical support and calibration services for this and the other Riftek railway gauges – IKP wheel profiler and IMR back to back gauge.

Jewers Doors

Stand B97

Jewers Doors will be displaying its Swift sliding and folding doors, which are increasingly being specified for train and tram entrances to maintenance depots, and other vehicular openings to depots, wheel lathes, train washes, train assembly workshops and a variety of industrial buildings.

Designed, manufactured and installed by UK-based Jewers Doors, Swift doors are designed to open and close safely around live overhead-line equipment. Rail tracks are not affected by the operation of the doors, as the leaves sweep across the tracks without the need for a bottom guide channel in the threshold.

Opening horizontally, Swift doors provide full-height visibility to the train driver at all times, and can easily be interlinked with the depot protection system to prevent accidents.

Swift doors are simple to design into new-build projects or can be retro-fitted into existing buildings to replace tired roller shutters or overhead doors.


Stand F34

KOREC specialises in the provision of construction, machine control and rail survey solutions for the Rail Industry. The KOREC team will be on hand to chat about the full range of equipment on display. Centre stage will be the GEDO rail trolley equipped with laser scanning capabilities. This provides accurate as-built survey documentation and clearance information for railway track maintenance and modernisation.

The Aibotix Aibot X6 hexacopter will also be on the stand, allowing delegates a first hand view of the product which featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show last year.

Representatives from Trimble – Ron Bisio, the General Manager for the Railway industry, and Matthew Moss, Railway Applications Engineer – will also be presenting during the Railtex show. Their seminar will be on Applications of Positioning & Scanning Technologies in Railway Construction & Operations.


Stand F71

The Kwik-Step Modular Refuge will be showcased at Railtex 2013.

Made with lightweight GRP composites the Kwik-Step Modular Refuge is designed to be installed quickly and safely by your own teams at the trackside.

With pre-assembled base frames the installation is very quick and simple, requiring only basic hand tools and minimal site preparation to assemble. Once installed the Kwik-Step Modular Refuge is ready for immediate use.

Kwik-Step Modular Stairways continue to provide the safe and simple access solution to the railway infrastructure.

LB Foster Rail Technologies (UK)

Stand J126

LB Foster Rail Technologies (UK) is based in Sheffield, UK and part of the LB Foster Group of Companies. It is a leading supplier of railway friction management solutions and track component products to the global rail industry.

Providing solutions at the wheel/rail interface on five continents, the company’s in-house R&D, customer support and technical teams have a wealth of industry expertise ensuring that products and services remain at the forefront of innovation. LB Foster’s friction control solutions manage friction at the wheel/rail interface whilst reducing costs and improving performance.

The company is also established as Europe’s foremost manufacturer of both Glued and Dry Insulated Joint Kits, and enjoys core alliances in specific markets across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With unrivalled knowledge of rail joints, track fastening systems and track accessories, LB Foster has developed a series of heavy duty products for freight and high traffic environments including metro and transit systems.

Lucchini UK

Stand B21

8422931607_e510c46aa7_mLucchini UK will be exhibiting a concept wheelset, christened ‘Freiset’ by its creators at Lucchini RS Group headquarters in Lovere, Italy. This is sure to attract anyone with even a passing interest in wheels and wheelsets.

While the name suggests that this new wheelset is aimed at the freight market, certain aspects of this unique patented design are also appropriate for passenger vehcles. With Freiset, Lucchini RS is responding to calls from customers for a wheelset that offers a high payload allied to low maintenance and a clearly ‘green’ pedigree. Essentially, it combines an axle rated at 25 tonnes, a new wheel design with a high safety coefficient, the ‘Lursak’ axle protection system that requires almost no maintenance for the design life of the axle, a hollow axle for easy in-service ultrasonic inspection, and Lucchini’s patented noise-damping system, ‘Syope’, which cuts vibration noise down to a murmur.

All this and Italian hospitality too…

Maxim Power Tools

Stand C33

Maxim Power Tools will be showing four new products in addition to its well known Master Petrol Impact Wrench and Accessories.

The Air Driven Rusty Clip Remover is ideal for removing rusty E and P clips in tunnels, under bridges and on track in coastal areas. It can be used hand held or in the future trolley mounted.

The Lase Align Track Gauge is easy to use and robust in design. It provides a simple way to speed up the task of switch tip alignment without the use of a tape measure and calculations.

A Havi Meter can be fitted to all types of small plant and records the time it is being operated and calculates the resultant vibration exposure level.

The new Master Trolley with Braking System, which is undergoing approval can be used with the Master Impact Wrench and Rusty Clip Remover. Small enough to fit into a car boot, it can be assembled without the use of tools within a few minutes.

Developments in jack controls and wheel measurement


Stand D56

Mechan, the rail depot equipment specialist, will be showcasing the latest updates to its lifting and handling products at Railtex 2013.

The Sheffield-based manufacturer will have a working version of its Microlink controller on display, along with the innovative CALIPRI-Wheel measurement device.

Microlink has revolutionised the way rail carriages are lifted by enabling just one operative to manage the entire network safely. Recent updates have increased its capacity to 44 jacks and introduced a colour touch-screen panel that provides constant feedback.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Visitors can also view the CALIPRI-Wheel from NextSense. Mechan is the official UK supplier of this handheld, non-contact measuring device, which records geometrical data for any complex-shaped object.

Richard Carr, Mechan’s managing director, said: “Reaction to the Microlink updates has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to showing Railtex visitors how the system has evolved. We offer a number of third party innovations to UK clients, including the CALIPRI-Wheel, and the event is an opportunity to raise the profile of these products.”


Stand C03

Met SYSTEMS will be showing the world’s first fully mobile and wireless customer information system. WiSI is a fully compliant mobile electronic display for use at both underground and mainline stations. The system can be easily and quickly deployed without the need for any installation and provides the user with the ability to quickly and easily display key information to customers.

The bespoke software of the WiSI system provides advanced yet simple to use touchscreen technology, enabling the user to rapidly build professional tailored messages within seconds. The system incorporates in-built symbol libraries, spell checking and even multiple language messaging, plus the ability to schedule messages and posters at specified times. Messages can be updated from a central control room or independently by local staff via hand-held PDA’s.

Due to the simplicity and ease of deployment, the WiSI system provides a very cost effective, timely and flexible alternative to existing methods for communicating customer information.

Multipulse Electronics

Stand G57

Multipulse Electronics Ltd is the partner selected by Network Rail to supply GSM-R installation kits and Test Equipment for the national roll-out of this major programme. It includes the delivery to depots nationwide of some 8000 installation kits and equipment across 150 train classes.

At Railtex, Multipulse will focus on other aspects of its activities aimed at providing a broad range of services to the rail industry which will include;

Introduction of a GSM-R LRU radio test unit with a ‘live’ demonstration;

Programmable logic controllers for rail applications from for HVAC, doors, lighting and fire protection;

Electro-acoustic products including industrial and emergency services headsets, handsets and microphones, from Holmco;

Flat-pack trackside/depot-based communication shelters, ideal for protecting electronic communications equipment;

TPWS trainborn, trackside and calibration services.

For the fun element and any budding train drivers, Multipulse are running a full train driver simulator on its stand…there’s maybe even a prize if your skills are up to the task!

Peli Products (UK)

Stand D30

Peli launches the new 9420 LED work light on stand D30. Weighing only 3.81kg, it is ideal for trackside maintenance, particularly in difficult to access areas. Offering instant, silent illumination the 9420 is compact and easily carried, folding down to just 74cm long. The mast extends above 1.5 metres allowing a wide area of illumination.

Existing models have been upgraded; the popular 9430 area light now features a powerful 3000 lumen output. The Peli 9460 and 9470 area lighting systems are now 50% brighter with a longer battery burn time, an amazing 40 hours. These larger units feature an “intelligent control” panel which adjusts the light output according to length of light duration required providing a real-time display, ensuring you never get left in the dark.

Peli Area lighting systems offer powerful, rechargeable, LED lighting – a safe, economic and convenient alternative to generator powered units.


Stand H101

Provertha’s railway products offer innovative interconnection solutions comprising D-Sub connectors, full metal Quick Mount D-Sub hoods and M12 Ethernet connectors for field assembly and M12 Ethernet patch cables. Fully shielded DIN rail adapters e.g. for service interfaces, full metal D-Sub DIN rail distribution boxes as well as 360° EMI/RFI shielded M12 T and Y pieces complement the line.

In railway applications, the demands are high. Main points of interest are simple and secure field assembly, high mechanical stability, protection against moisture and dirt (IP67), and perfect EMI/RFI behaviour. Requirements also include reliable signal line terminations, efficient shielding, optimized strain relief, simple and fast assembly, and compact form factors for space-saving installation.

Provertha covers these requirements with its product portfolio for railway systems. Highlight at Railtex 2013 will be the new IP 67 D-code 4 pin and A-code 5 and 8 pin M12 crimp cable connector for fast and reliable Industrial Ethernet connections.

Rail and Road Protec

Stand E70

Rail and Road Protec GmbH (R2P) is a German based company which is expert in the design and development of intelligent transportation solutions: Mobile CCTV, Infotainment, Passenger Counting, Fleet and Data Management Solutions. R2Ps advanced integrated system solution is one of the market leaders in Germany, Scandinavia and UK.

The core offering to the rail market is on-board CCTV, counting saloon surveillance, forward facing, rearview, and pantograph cameras, such as driver-only-operation cameras and displays.  On top of this, remote video transmission enables the control centre to view incidents live, and status to be reported for pro-active maintenance.

Saloon CCTV is used for the safety of passengers and railway staff, whilst forward-facing cameras provide video evidence in the event of on-track incidents, SPADS, etc.  Pantograph cameras monitor the overhead power line and to provide evidence in the event of broken cables and damage to vehicles or infrastructure.  Remote video transmission makes it easy for the train operator to see what is happening live, and to access recordings in the event of an incident.

Railway Vehicle Engineering

Stand F15

Railway Vehicle Engineering Ltd (RVEL) specialises in engineering work on railway traction and rolling stock. The company is based in Derby, at the heart of the UK rail industry, and its modern, well equipped workshops offer customers a full range of rolling stock engineering solutions; from train servicing through routine fleet maintenance to the heaviest of vehicle and component re-engineering projects.

The reliability of a customer’s fleet determines the effectiveness of its operation and its reputation in the market. RVEL takes pride in having a positive working relationship with fleet owners and their engineering teams, so whilst many competitors may talk of project to specification, on time and on budget, RVEL actually delivers!

RVEL’s business model blends innovation with lean techniques whilst striving for exemplary safety and environmental performance. At Railtex, you will be able to discuss how the UK’s fastest growing T&RS engineering business can meet your needs.


Stand J100

REHAU invites rail professionals visiting its stand J100 at RAILTEX 2013 to see for themselves the high-tech reinvention of traditional rail components in polymer. Products on show will include; the hugely successful patented height-adjustable GRP (glass reinforced plastic) insulator, protective boarding, rail shroud, split cable ducting and lightweight drainage products.

Delivering “Unlimited Polymer Solutions,” REHAU is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems. With core expertise in materials development, systems design and surface technology and manufacturing, REHAU is able to tailor its product solutions to the specific requirement of the railway industry.

What sets REHAU apart from other suppliers is its ability to utilise polymer in ways which derive real benefits for the rail industry. Transferring expertise gleaned across its automotive, industrial and building solutions divisions, REHAU’s customers in the rail industry benefit from the synergy which exists within the group both in the UK and across Europe.

Rowe Hankins

Stand A21

Rowe Hankins Ltd, the rail safety systems engineer, returns to Railtex showcasing Workshop services that extend the service life and performance of key electro-mechanical components.  The company will also highlight its R&D in how to overcome rail system problems.  Senior engineers will be on hand to give advice, aided by audio visual displays illustrating successful products.

Previous projects undertaken by the company include the mid-life rebuild of on-train relays, contactors and circuit breakers to restore and maintain original performance.  OTMR’s have been updated with increased memory and software upgrades to extend their working life and accommodate the demands of modern signalling.  Through the Workshop facility operators have achieved substantial savings compared to the cost of installing and configuring new systems.

The Rowe Hankins Workshop can handle projects of increasing size since the opening of the newly extended, refurbished factory and workshops and is IRIS certified.


Stand C31

RuggedCom Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial strength networks for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. It recently announced the launch of a utility grade computing line module for the RuggedBackbone™ RX1500, known as RuggedAPE™ (Rugged Application Processing Engine).

RuggedAPE™ is the ideal product to increase performance and functionality of the RX1500 multi-service platform. Leveraging the built-in switching and routing capabilities of the RX1500, the RuggedAPE™ is a utility grade computing platform that plugs directly into any member of the RX1500 family and enables customers to run security, smart grid and other software applications on the RuggedBackbone™ device.

Another new release is RuggedMAX 4.3 firmware. This latest firmware brings new enhancements to the RuggedMAX product line, including improved scalability, an enhanced security feature set, handover capability, tighter frequency reuse and expanded frequency range, among others. RuggedMAX 4.3 has been tested by customers in the rail market with excellent results.


Stand G140

21847_003_Working-platformSemmco’s comprehensive range of cost effective platforms and access equipment keeps the workforce safe and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Products include:

Pitboards – lightweight, modular with handrails, safety gates or pit access ladders;

Steps and working platforms – fixed or height adjustable, manoeuvrable with handrails configured to suit;

Front Access Solutions – fixed or variable height, track or depot-mounted, profiled edge for close fit;

Roof Access Platforms – mobile or fixed solutions. Options for fold-out or fixed roof protection;

Gantry Systems – full range available, incorporating fixed or electronic sliding fingers.

Semmco has streamlined its business and relocated from multiple units into one large factory. Historically, Semmco developed organically so a new ergonomic layout was needed to improve manufacturing output and efficiency. The move still allows the business to benefit from Woking’s transport links, retain the excellent workforce and operate in a more cost effective manner through the implementation of MRP and 5S manufacturing initiatives.


Stand H69

Socomec, the leading European manufacturer of UPS systems, has developed an advanced critical power solution – the IP+ Rail range – designed specifically for the unique requirements of rail sector applications. The range will be showcased at Railtex 2013 and represents the very latest in UPS technology for the mass transportation sector, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of rail networks and infrastructure.

The range, which has been awarded a Product Registration Certificate by Transport for London (TfL) London Underground, has been engineered to provide optimum energy efficiency for high performance critical power applications in the most challenging operating environments. It is the first and only UPS range currently listed on the London Underground (LU) Product Register and to hold “authorised for use” status.

The Socomec Masterys IP+ Rail is housed within a compact, robust steel-framed enclosure almost twice the thickness of standard UPS cabinets and has anti-corrosion tropicalised circuit boards. Available with IP31 or IP52 ingress protection, this system will operate in environments where there is conductive dust or dripping water.

Steel Line

Stand C72

Steel Line public realm furniture is crafted specifically to work in harmony with the urban environment. Products are manufactured from only the highest grade stainless and are hand finished to ensure the perfect balance of aesthetic elegance and durability.

A train station is the gateway to a town or city; just like social circles, the first impression is crucial to any traveller and getting it right first time is something Steel Line can help you with.

Durable yet elegant, Standup and Metro station furniture will not only stand the test of time, but also offer comfort and practicality. Satin and beadblasted polished finishes with blended ‘invisible’ welds are just three of the features that balance aesthetics with functionality, whilst the quality of the stainless steel products offer an indeterminable life span with their resistance to corrosion, vandalism and graffiti.

Metro and Standup stainless steel products have been engineered and designed as whole life products to align with the rail industry’s objective of achieving 40% savings in operational and maintenance costs by 2017.


Stand G90

Strainstall specialises in structural and geotechnical monitoring and testing by providing various instrumentation systems and services to help engineers better understand the performance and condition of structures. Typically, a variety of sensor technologies are employed in the measurement and presentation of data related to strain, displacement, inclination (tilt), temperature, environmental conditions, acceleration (vibration).

Monitoring systems are often automated for long-term unattended monitoring. These can have with their own power supplies (solar panels, fuel cells) and are generally fitted with remote communication capability. The data can be downloaded from site automatically and presented in the form of regular reports or displayed on our secure website.

Usually working through consulting engineers or main contractors, many projects have been undertaken on behalf of Network Rail, London Underground and overseas LRT authorities.

Recent projects include monitoring of strengthening tie bars in the piers of Coldrenick Viaduct during remedial works to establish the loads they were supporting, strain gauging of fishplates to monitor oil lubrication, and on-going rockfall monitoring of two sections of cliff face at Dawlish.

Tata Steel

Stand  H123

Tata Steel believes that the secret to developing rail products and services that address the demands of today and tomorrow lies in a lasting relationship with customers.

The premium range of mainline and urban rail products is designed to combat wear, rolling contact fatigue and corrosion, responding to customers’ requirements for lower life cycle costs.

HPG studio [online]Tata Steel’s associated services range from consultancy, design and engineering to manufacture, installation and onsite project management. The company works in partnership with customers and specially selected partners to deliver high quality, innovative and responsive solutions to meet their individual requirements. THJV, a joint venture with Halcrow, is part of Network Rail’s Professional Services Support Framework, aiding the early development stages of investment and renewal projects.

At Railtex 2013, in addition to supplying the tracks for the On-track Display, Tata Steel will be promoting:

HPrail® – new patented rail steel offering improved wear and rolling contact fatigue resistance to enhance life and reduce grinding frequency;

High performance grooved rail – new urban rail steel offering increased wear resistance and is weld-repairable for multiple lives;

108m ‘stress-free’ heat treated rail – available from October 2013, this long length ‘stress-free’ heat treated rail offers excellent resistance to wear;

Railcote® – robust rail coating which offers superior protection against corrosion and longer life compared to other forms of corrosion protection;

SilentTrack® – tuned rail damper system to address noise legislation by delivering a 3-7dB improvement.

Modular and offsite construction – modular structures provide shorter construction times, better sustainability, greater site efficiency and improved health and safety.

‘Together we make the difference’


Stand G43

Techpol specialises in supporting the rail market with certified paint systems for rolling stock OEM and refurbishment. These are used for the exterior, interior, roof and underbody and are fully supported with a stock management system encompassing every conceivable consumable used. Techpol strives towards exceeding client’s expectations in all areas through continuous investment in staff training and product development.

Continually pushing the creative boundaries of paint systems with bespoke colours and new technologies, all sourced from world-leading paint manufacturers, Technopol’s expertise is available to clients both large and small.

As well as paints and coatings, Technopol specialises in corrosion protection as well as graffiti protection and removal, all backed up with quality assurance certified to ISO 9001 and ISO14001.

Customers of Techpol don’t just buy a tin of paint. Onsite support, introductory demonstrations and on-going tailored training programmes come as part of the package.

Thomas & Betts

Stand E100

Thomas & Betts, renowned as a major supplier to the world’s railway industries, will be highlighting the extensive range of Adaptaflex specialist conduit systems for the rail infrastructure sector at Railtex. These include the Type PF non-metallic, flexible conduit system.

Its mechanical properties make it ideal for both external and internal applications in infrastructure applications where low temperatures are encountered. In addition, Type PF conduit can be used as an alternative to separate interior and exterior conduit systems.

Type PF has an operational temperature range of -50ºC to 110ºC and, combined with its flexibility and high impact resistance, offers optimum cable protection in external low-temperature applications. It is based on a flame retarded Polyamide 12 material and is self-extinguishing.

Adaptaflex is just one of a number of Thomas & Betts brands that serve the rail industry. Others include the Emergi-lite and Furse product ranges that cover emergency lighting, earthing and lightning protection.


Stand E75

Trackwork Ltd, one of the UK’s leading rail infrastructure specialists, is delighted to be back at Railtex. With a dynamic and forward thinking approach, the company has steadily grown since its inception in 1976 to become a significant contributor to the UK’s rail infrastructure and related industries.

From its Doncaster base, Trackwork provides a wide range of products and services including railway construction and maintenance, track material supply and disposal, switch and crossing manufacture, rail plant, labour hire, signalling and training services.

This unique and diverse portfolio enables Trackwork to offer a ‘single source solution’ to the UK Rail Industry.

Van Elle

Stand C51

Voith_Turbo_DIWArail_Transmission [online]Van Elle, having successfully completed some of the largest and most challenging rail projects to have taken place in the UK in recent years, has launched a specialist rail division encompassing the complete design, contract management, plant and customer service capabilities of the UK’s leading ground engineering contractor in a single team.

This extensive range of specialist rail services and products will be featured at Railtex, including ground investigation, piling and embankment stabilisation solutions.

As the only company in the UK to own the new Movax SG50V side-grip pile hammer, Van Elle is able to offer clients unrivalled production rates using one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly pieces of equipment in the market today. Whether your project involves piling for platform extensions, canopies, signal and gantry bases or OLE, Van Elle has the experience, plant and expertise.


Stand E41

Voith is a specialist for drive and cooling systems, Scharfenberg couplers and control technology. There is hardly a freight or passenger train that does not operate with its products, components and systems – up to complete locomotives or vehicle front ends. Be it higher speeds, more comfort, reduced fuel consumption or fewer emissions, with its wealth of experience Voith can solve any task, however complex and challenging it may be, and offer outstanding service on the rails of the world.

Setting the standard with reliable services; that’s the driving force behind Make Ready Services. Strong management and supervision, coupled with robust measurement, auditing and continuous improvement tools, raises the standards of presentation to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

With reliability at its core, Make Ready Services is a worthy investment in the passenger’s journey.

WEC Rail

Stand G61

WEC Rail is a leading force in providing innovative design, fabrication and installation services to the rail sector. WEC Rail benefits from over 10 years’ industry experience manufacturing rail signal structures and gantries across the UK, and takes credit for various station regeneration projects including walkway bridges and essential trackside upgrades.

With access to extensive manufacturing facilities, including an expert in-house design team, over 100 skilled welders, and a PTS-trained installation team, WEC Rail can manage entire projects from start to completion, ensuring that the same team takes the project from its manufacture and fabrication to final installation.

Since 2009, WEC Rail has specialised in the manufacture of ‘access for all’ bridges for various station regeneration project across the UK, including Audley End, Canterbury West, Forest Hill, and Cambridge Stations.

WEC Rail also provides generic and bespoke products for any application within the industry including pedestrian bridges, signal structures & gantries, rolling stock metalwork, electrical enclosures and CCTV products.


Stand B77

Weidmüller will show how its overvoltage protection devices have been selected to protect the Bombardier EBI Gate 200, an innovative level crossing, designed especially for the safety of rail crossing in rural areas.

The key requirement was to ensure that essential warnings are reliably given to the people who use the crossing in all conceivable weather situations. After analysing the situation, Weidmüller recommended the use two of device types: one to protect the temporary 240-volt supply and one to protect the permanent 110-volt network supply. Both were designed for the maximum surge current of 40 kA.

The overvoltage protection devices used came from their new VARITECTOR PU series and provides additional safety in the form of its guaranteed resistance to vibration, which can be crucial when installed in the control cabinet next to the level crossing. The protection function can be checked locally, simply by glancing at the status window, and remotely by using the signalling contact.


Stand B81

Werner, the world leader in ladders, will be showcasing its range of fibreglass ladders and accessories, providing effective working at height solutions for the rail industry.

All Werner fibreglass ladders have electrically non-conductive stiles that are ideal for working in the proximity of electricity and durable, seven-layer fibreglass stiles which retain their smooth surface even after weathering.

The range includes fibreglass swingback and platform stepladders in both ‘trade’ and ‘industrial’ versions, available in a range of heights and all featuring Werner’s high performance Holster Top®, with specifically designed paint, tool and equipment holders. The Werner® line up also includes a ‘utility’ fibreglass extension ladder which features a heavy duty external rope pulley system and Werner’s patented Alflo® rung joint offering ‘twist proof’ performance.

Continuing the safety theme is the Werner Lock-In System™ designed to keep trips up and down the ladder to a minimum. These accessories expand the work surface available at the top of a Werner ladder and provide a safe and secure repository for tools and materials.


Stand B40

Wilcomatic Rail Division will be exhibiting information on its installations of wash equipment for rail, trams, monorails and APM systems throughout the world.

The strategy of Wilcomatic Rail Division is to select key countries and work with turnkey providers of rail systems. The company has provided a number of units to Bombardier, Scomi and Siemens. So successful has this been that Wilcomatic has now opened an overseas office to develop a number of opportunities.

Unlike many of its overseas installations, Wilcomatic Rail Division has found that UK mainline companies are reluctant to adopt front and rear washing.

Says Mark Prockter, general manager of Wilcomatic Rail Division: “This is a shame since the front of the vehicle is what passengers see first. The issues have traditionally been the time it takes to wash and the reliability of the systems. We believe we have a system that can address both these issues, which we will be featuring at Railtex.”

Windhoff Bahn- und Anlagentechnik


Windhoff Bahn- und Anlagentechnik GmbH is well established as a global supplier of systems and equipment for railway depots and commuter train operators. Windhoff supplies railway depots with mechanical equipment such as lifting systems, work platforms and turntables as well as planning and project management for complex new or refurbishment projects.

The product range includes rail vehicles and accessories for main lines operators, sidings, commuter companies and metros. Windhoff vehicles are used world-wide for the construction and maintenance of rail nets and overhead catenary systems, for freight forwarding as well as for fire-fighting and rescue services as well as attachments for track construction works using excavators.

Windhoff shunting systems range from compact rope-winch devices to rail-road shunters which have been designed specifically for in-house shunting in workshops and on industrial, factory and dock railways.

Drawing on its long experience, Windhoff specialises in overcoming technical problems, no matter whether they require a one-off or series production solution.

ZF Services UK

Stand E31

ZF Services UK Ltd is focusing on two key areas of its rail business: extensions to its overhaul capabilities and ZF product innovations to improve efficiency and lower operating and lifecycle costs.

The company’s rail final drive overhaul services have been extended to include non-ZF final drives. A new wheelset overhaul project management service has also been launched, which offers customers a single point of contact for overhaul and results in service improvements and cost savings.

Two of the latest ZF innovations for the rail market will be shown in the UK for the first time at Railtex. The ZF E-Rail-SH 15 F transmission employs cylinder roller bearings installed without pre-load, bringing the advantages of longer lifetime and simplified, lower cost overhaul.

Other featured products at Railtex include the ZF-EcoLife Rail transmission, which can contribute fuel savings of up to 20 per cent plus lifecycle cost benefits in new or refurbished rail vehicles.

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