Public in Crewe warned of the dangers of trespassing on the railway

Five members of the public caught trespassing on the Crewe depot of rail freight operator DB Schenker Rail have been referred to the British Transport Police.

They were caught fishing by a stream that runs through the site, after climbing over a fence into the depot that backed onto the garden of one of the individuals.

As the depot is electrified, they risked their fishing rods coming into contact with the overhead wires. Such contact would have delivered a shock of 25,000 volts.

The British Transport Police fined three of the individuals for trespass, while one was given a warning.

The other individual had their parents spoken to as they are 11 years old, indicating that the adults in this group had put a child in a position of danger.

The five individuals knew they should not have been there and that they ignored the signs they passed warning them of the dangers of over head lines.

David Caine, Depot Manager at Crewe for DB Schenker Rail, said:

“This was an irresponsible action by individuals who knew they should not have been in the yard and who knew off the dangers of death from the overhead wires.

“What is shocking is that they put a child in that position of danger. They were lucky but this could have been fatal.

“The message is simple, whether an adult or a child you do not trespass on the railway.”


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