PKP to modernise Polish-German border railway

Szczecin main station. Credit: Glock/Shutterstock.
Szczecin main station. Credit: Glock/Shutterstock.
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PKP has announced it is to invest 140 million Zloty (Around €32 million) improving connections from the Polish city of Szczecin towards Berlin, Germany.

Electrification of the 409 railway line from Szczecin Gumieńce station will be complete by 2020, according to the national rail operator, increasing capacity and operational speeds.

Currently trains operate at 80km/h to Gumieńce station, and 120km/h towards the Polish-German border. This will increase to 120km/h and 160km/h, respectively. Freight will also benefit, according to PKP.

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The first work is currently underway between the main Szczecin station and Gumieńce station, with old tracks and the traction network being dismantled by PKP’s maintenance division PLK.

Four engineering facilities will also be rebuilt in Szczecin.

Meanwhile at Szczecin Gumieńce station, a higher platform will be built for people with reduced mobility.

Extra lounges, benches, signage and bicycle racks will also be added.

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