New high-speed service EVA to be launched by Renfe

Photo: Renfe.
Photo: Renfe.

Renfe has unveiled a new high-speed train service for a new type of traveler in Spain.

Set to launch in 2019, ‘EVA’ will run between Madrid and Barcelona and target those that currently still rely on car as a primary form of transport, namely small groups, young people and families.

EVA will be personalised to each passenger with bolt-on options, use digital and potentially biometric ticketing and provide door-to-door journeys, meaning that a single ticket can include metro or bus tickets or payment for a taxi or rental car.

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It will also feature work spaces, wi-fi and will be cheaper than the AVE high-speed service.

Spanish development minister Íñigo de la Serna launched the service earlier this month. In a statement the ministry said: “It is a new travel concept for a new type of traveler that demands immediacy, personalisation, services and paying exclusively for the attributes that it needs: in particular, a price between 20 per cent and 25 per cent lower than the Ave.”

The El Prat station will operate as a base of operations for EVA’s start-up in Spain.

Eva should debut in 2019 with five trips a day.

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