New Flirt EMUs for Eurobahn cross-border services

Rolling stock leasing company Alpha Trains has announced an order for eight new Flirt EMUs from Stadler Pankow for Keolis subsidiary Eurobahn.

The five-car train sets will operate on line RB 61 – part of the Teutoburger Wald regional concession – which operates cross-borders services between Germany and the Netherlands.

The multi-system trains will be equipped to operate under Germany’s 15 kV 16.7Hz overhead lines and the Dutch 25kV 50Hz and 1.5kV DC.

Delivered from 2017, the trains will operate from Bielefeld and Bad Bentheim in Germany to Hengelo in the Netherlands.

Eurobahn was awarded the operating concession, which runs until 2032, in July. In total, Eurobahn will operate a fleet of 27 Flirt EMUs.




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