Mumbai Metro purchases driver simulator for training

Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) has installed a simulator at their depot located in DN Nagar to provide in-house training to metro train drivers.

The simulator will replicate various environmental conditions and emergency situations.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for MMOPL said:

“The simulator has been purchased at the cost of $2.1 million and will be used to train drivers running on Mumbai’s first metro line.

“The 11.7 km line is scheduled to fully operational by March 2012.

“We are already training 20 drivers at the CSR Nanjing workshop in China. They have won the contract to supply 16-18 trains worth Rs 604 crore for the first Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor,” the spokesperson added.

The new simulator will be used to train 56 more drivers, which will be driving the metro trains running on the route.

The MMOPL official did not reveal the name of the company who supplied the simulator.

The simulator cab is similar to the actual train in the size, design and structure.

It will train the drivers in all weather scenarios and obstacles like other vehicles, staff working on track etc; and sounds, including rail wheel interaction, horn and other system sounds.

In addition, the trainees are evaluated based on their response to the failures injected by the instructor from time to time.

It will allow the instructor to set up more than 100 train fault conditions, which will make the train unable to run properly unless the trainee makes proper adjustments in the controls.

CCTV cameras have also been provided to capture the actions and reactions of the trainees on a real time basis, when in different situations.


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