MTR Express to name new train Trainy McTrainface

Yes, this is actually happening. Credit: MTR Express.
Yes, this is actually happening. Credit: MTR Express.

MTR Express has announced that one of its new high-speed trains will be named Trainy McTrainface.

In May, the Swedish train operator asked readers of the local Metro newspaper to submit names for four of its trains.

The vote closed on July 17 and, according to MTR, the most popular suggestion was Trainy McTrainface, with the news attracting the interest of newsrooms from across the globe.

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A poll was conducted in the UK last year to name a £200 million polar research ship. The name Boaty McBoatface won a landslide victory but, to the public’s disappointment, the name Sir David Attenborough was chosen instead. A robotic undersea research vessel was instead named Boaty McBoatface.

MTR Express CEO Johan Söör said (Translated from Swedish): “This fine story illustrates how we want to work in MTR Express – as a company that builds the business with travelers, making it based on creative ideas.”

Let’s hope Boaty McBoatface and Trainy McTrainface’s long distance cousin HS2y McHS2face doesn’t show up anytime soon.

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