London Midland to ‘make £1.25m from closing ticket offices’

The RMT has said ‘leaked internal documents show London Midland plan to profit £1.25 million a year from their programme of savage cuts to ticket offices and staffing levels’.

The union says that leaked emails from the Department for Transport show the train operator are making these plans in ‘direct collusion with the Government’.

London Midland’s plans would ‘close a dozen ticket offices completely’, result in ‘savage cuts’ and ‘threaten over 100 jobs’.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“These leaked documents show that for vandalising ticket offices and destroying jobs across the service London Midland and its shareholders stand to profit to the tune of £1.25 million.

“We warned from the leaked DfT emails that this was a “cash for closures” programme and the extent of the money that the company plan to rake in from this scandalous assault on jobs and services is now laid bare.”

A London Midland spokesman said: “We have widely consulted on our proposal to change our ticket office opening hours – this includes consultation with our staff and the rail unions.

“Our proposals have been submitted to the secretary of state who is weighing up the issues and we are waiting for her decision.

“Our proposals will match ticket office opening hours with local demand and the savings made will provide best value for money for passengers and taxpayers.”


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