London Midland launches Autumn timetable

From 24th October to 10th December London Midland will be operating its Autumn timetable.

The interim schedule is ‘designed to minimise any disruption caused by annual leaf fall’.

The two services that are ‘affected are the heavily wooded areas of the Lichfield to Redditch and St Albans to Watford services’, London Midland said.

Leaves falling onto the tracks get compacted as trains run over them and ‘can become as slippery as ice’.

London Midland, like other train companies, trains its drivers to deal with these conditions but ‘inevitably this means more cautious and slightly longer journeys’.

The timetable changes will mean different departure times and will add on a number of minutes to each journey.

London Midland ‘works closely’ with Network Rail who maintain the track.

They trim back trees alongside the tracks, wash the tracks with high pressure jets and apply a compound of sand and gel to remove the leaves which helps the trains brake and accelerate.

Passengers are asked to check the times of their journeys prior to travelling.

For further information and a copy of the timetable go to the website.


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