GySEV orders next generation Flirt EMUs

Hungary’s regional rail operator GySEV has confirmed an order with Stadler for 10 next generation four-car Flirt EMUs.

The new units will start entering service in 2018 in western Hungary and altogether will double the number of Flirt EMUs in GySEV’s fleet to 20.

These will be the third generation of Flirt vehicles. The new trains will be slightly longer than the current units, which are in service on the SopronSzombathely-Szentgotthárd, Sopron-Győr and the Szombathely-Rajka lines – enough room for an extra toilet. Each four-car unit will have 208 seats and a top speed of 160 km/h.

The first new Flirt trains will be delivered in March 2018, with the final due in January 2019.

Designing the new trains, engineers “put special emphasis on low energy consumption, and maintenance friendly design”, said Stadler.

Stadler also said that all of the car bodies and bogies will be manufactured in Hungary at its factory in Szolnok. Final assembly will be completed in Poland.


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