Government expands the Strategic Rail Freight Network

DB Schenker Rail UK has welcomed the publication of the Logistics Growth Review by the Department for Transport which has committed investment of £55 million by the Government to further expand the Strategic Rail Freight Network.

The review makes available funding to remove bottlenecks and improve capability and longer term connectivity to the UK’s major ports by rail.

Specific enhancements include:

  • Double tracking the route between Ely and Soham, providing a significant injection of capacity on the Felixstowe to Nuneaton freight corridor
  • Gauge clearing additional rail routes in the Midlands between Syston Junction north of Leicester and Stoke to allow existing freight capacity to convey 9ft 6” containers
  • Assured capacity for new services from the Port of Southampton and the Port of Felixstowe
  • Development of an international freight corridor between the UK and France with onward links through Europe
  • Further diversionary routes for freight trains to ensure access to the rail network on a 24/7 basis.

These investments in rail freight by the Government are welcome and will enable modal shift from road to rail to occur, while helping to reduce carbon emissions, DB Schenker Rail said.

Further investment in the Felixstowe to Nuneaton rail route will provide a cost effective solution to road congestion on the A14 corridor.

Alain Thauvette, Chief Executive of DB Schenker Rail UK, said:

“The Government has made a loud and clear statement that rail freight forms an essential and growing part of the long term logistics supply chain in the UK. We applaud that.

“The further investment in the Strategic Rail Freight Network is welcome and early delivery of these upgrades will deliver quick results as more freight trains operate on the network.”


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