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Friday, June 18, 2021

Freightliner names PowerHaul 70004

The official unveiling ceremony took place at The National Railway Museum in York to celebrate The Coal Industry Society’s 500th meeting. Locomotive PowerHaul 70004 was named by ex-Secretary of State for Energy Tony Benn.

The PowerHaul locomotives have increased tractive effort, haulage and acceleration capabilities whilst lowering carbon emissions, enabling Freightliner to haul longer heavier trains. Martin Wilks, Director of Coal, Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited commented: ” Freightliner is delighted that one of our PowerHaul locomotives has been named in honour of the Coal Industry Society. The introduction of the PowerHaul locomotives shows Freightliner’s commitment to investment to continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.”

In July 2010 Freightliner celebrated moving 100 millionth tonne of coal and operates to all the UK rail connected power stations. The 100 millionth tonne landmark is testimony to the position that Freightliner Heavy Haul has achieved in the industry working closely with its customers and supply chain partners.

John Fitzgerald, Port Director Associated British Ports Grimsby & Immingham and Chairman of The Coal Industry Society said, “Given the historical intrinsic link between coal supply, railways and ports it was wholly appropriate we staged the 500th meeting of the Coal Industry Society at the National Railway Museum in York. The committee were very appreciative that Freightliner chose to honour the occasion by naming one of its new PowerHaul locomotives after the Society. We were indeed fortunate that Tony Benn, whose political life often centred around energy supply issues, was there to perform the naming.”


  1. Yet another error, Freightliner DO NOT haul coal trains to Aberthaw power station in South Wales and that is a rail connected power station, therefore Freightliner DO NOT operate to ALL UK rail-connected power stations at all!!!


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