First Hull Trains appoint new head of operations

First Hull Trains has appointed a new head of operations. Keith Doughty, who hails originally from the east of London, recently joined the Hull-based rail operating company.

Keith has 22 years worth of experience in the rail industry and feels confident in his new role at First Hull Trains.

“Working for First Hull Trains is an exciting and challenging move for me, both professionally and personally. This is the first time that I have directly worked for an open access rail operator, and I am relishing the challenge.

“On a personal note, this new role means that I am moving further up the country to be nearer to Hull, it is quite a lifestyle change all round as it is the first time I have moved out of the South East!

“The attraction of First Hull Trains is the relatively unique way it works in comparison to other rail operators.

“The very nature of the business is open access, which means that there are no limits to serving our customers, because the company is only governed by itself.

“This of course does mean that First Hull Trains does not receive any government subsidiary, but nonetheless we have the capacity to express ourselves in a manner which allows us to provide the best possible service for our customers.

“In my role I am responsible for the delivery of safe and efficient services. By working with our staff and engineers, I ensure that our trains run on time.

“This involves much long-term planning, liaising with Network Rail and an insightful knowledge of what our customers want and need.

“Our staff are involved with on-going training throughout the year to make certain that they are best equipped to make sure that First Hull Trains is the best it can be.

“Outside of work I am a qualified football referee for semi-professional leagues. I find this an excellent form of relaxation. I also enjoy playing golf and going fishing when time permits,” he added.


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