EU rail regulator an ‘unwelcome intrusion’

A Conservative MEP has branded plans for an EU-wide rail regulator as “an unwelcome intrusion into UK matters”.

In a speech to the European Parliament on Tuesday, Euro-sceptic David Campbell Bannerman said: “There is no need for Fritz the Tank Engine or an EU Fat Controller for us.”

The new competition rules for rail transport firms across Europe aim to stimulate the supply of international freight and passenger services around the continent.

Bannerman fears the proposals would see decisions about routes and infrastructure for the UK’s rail network being taken by officials in the EU.

Mr Campbell Bannerman, a former transport consultant, added: “International transport arrangements are valuable for air transport, and maritime transport, but the United Kingdom is a large island with only one rail connection with Continental Europe and no road access. So for rail and road, no.

“Hard pressed rail users across East Anglia, my constituency, do not stand on platforms demanding a single European rail area. They need better services, less crowding and reasonable ticket prices.

“This silly single rail area proposal should not be allowed to leave the station.”


  1. His comments are interesting in that
    1) he is an ex UKIP turncoat and now trying to pretend that the Tories don’t love the EU
    2) As an ex director of ATOC his loyalty to them will extend to prevention of external competition, surely at odds with his current party’s ethos. 


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