East Midlands Trains’ services halved by strikes

East Midlands Trains’ (EMT) services to and from London will run at just 50 per cent capacity for three days during the Olympics as train drivers go ahead with strike action.

EMT has condemned rail union ASLEF as being “hell-bent” on trying to disrupt the Olympics.

The operator held emergency talks on Saturday (July 21) with the union over pension contributions, but despite “progressive” negotiations, 450 ASLEF members will now go on strike between August 6-8.

David Horne, managing director of EMT, said: “We now know what we have suspected all along. ASLEF is hell-bent on trying to disrupt the Olympics and every time we make progress and reach an agreement the union creates further obstacles.

“Their behaviour is nothing short of shameful and it speaks volumes that throughout this they have refused to put the deal they agreed to their members.

“The whole country has been united in condemning ASLEF’s threat of strikes during the Games and today’s news shows we are dealing with a union that cannot keep its promises.

“If ASLEF does not have a change of heart, it will be remembered long after London 2012 as the union who tainted the pride of Britain in disrupting such a once-in-a-lifetime sporting event.”

The pensions offer made to ASLEF has already been accepted by three other trade unions.

Mr Horne added: “We are deeply sorry that ASLEF has let our customers and the whole country down so badly.”




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