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East Croydon footbridge slid into place

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A 1,000 tonne footbridge linking all platforms at East Croydon station has been slid into place.

The £20 million structure has been under construction next to the station for the last 12 months.

Over the weekend, the 100 metre-long, 14 metre-wide bridge was moved into position at a speed of six metres an hour while trains continued to run through the station.

Mark Ruddy, Network Rail’s route managing director for Sussex, said: “East Croydon station is already one of the country’s busiest stations and is used by an ever-increasing number of passengers. By effectively putting the concourse area onto the bridge, this landmark improvement will ease congestion within the station and illustrates our commitment to providing better access and facilities.

“The bridge will link all platforms with step-free access and will be a catalyst for other improvements which will provide a better experience for passengers. It will also provide an entrance and exit to Dingwall Road and eventually to the other side of the station at Billinton Hill.

“It represents a big investment in the development of the station and will help ensure it remains an important gateway for the town.”

The link to platforms and entry and exit to Dingwall Road will be completed in July 2013.



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