Delhi Metro passengers now able to travel using mobile QR code

Credit: Thales.
Credit: Thales.

Thales has successfully rolled out contactless ticketing technology on two stations of the Delhi metro, India.

The ‘Dream Gate’ automatic fare collection (AFC) systems are being rolled out across Phase III of the metro system and will – according to Thales – be one of the largest deployments of AFC throughout the world.

The Dream Gates have been installed at Lal Qila and Jama Masjid metro stations, on the Delhi Metro Heritage line, and will allow passengers to travel using a QR code on their mobile phones to increase rates of passenger flow.

Once the delivery is complete, 3,000 gates, 1,000 ticket office machines and 1,000 ticket vending machines will be installed across 79 stations.

The move follows Thales’ successful delivery of the AFC systems – which it describes as the ‘next generation of ticket gates’ – for Phase I and Phase II of the metro system.

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