Crime down on London’s transport network

Crime on the Tube and DLR has seen a ‘significant decrease’, with a reduction of 1,357 offences, down 10 per cent from the previous twelve months, Transport for London has said.

This includes reductions in ‘violence against the person’ offences (179 fewer offences – down 9.1 per cent) and robbery (49 fewer offences – down 30 per cent).

The crime rate on the Tube and DLR is now ‘9.6 crimes per one million passenger journeys’.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said:

“With more officers on the network, and targeted police operations, my teams have worked tirelessly to crack down on crime on our transport system, and to keep it down while passenger number soar.

“Nevertheless, we are not complacent and while these figures are encouraging, more can be done and we will not relent from our focus on making stations safer, ensuring uniformed officers are highly visible on public transport and curbing anti social behaviour.”

Tackling crime on the transport network has been driven by a range of initiatives from the Mayor, Transport for London and London police forces.

Last year 414 additional warranted officers were recruited, along with targeted police and CCTV operations, as part of an ‘ongoing commitment to prevention and problem solving and improving safety and security’.



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