CN Rail introduces facial recognition ID system at its Montreal HQ

CN Rail's Montreal HQ. Photo: Andrew Bussiere.
CN Rail's Montreal HQ. Photo: Andrew Bussiere.
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Canadian national railway operator CN Rail has installed a new identification system that gives authorised users access to the site using facial recognition and behaviour analytics.

The contactless system has been installed at all perimeter access points of the company’s Montreal headquarters and replaces the need for the 3,000 employees to swipe a card, punch in a code or present any documentation.

The ‘In Motion Identification’ (IMID) system was implemented by FST Biometrics, which said the system recognises users at the “speed of life” – meaning it doesn’t interfere with movement by causing users to stop or slow down – once they are registered.

FST Biometrics chief marketing officer Arie Melamed said: “The accurate, frictionless and convenient nature of our in-motion identification solution were an excellent fit to meet CN’s identification and secure access needs.”

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