CCTV released showing lorry reversing into level crossing barriers in Stoke

Footage has been release showing the moment a lorry REVERSES over a railway level crossing ripping off one of its barriers in the process.

Network Rail released the CCTV after the incident at Wedgwood Station level crossing in Stoke-on-Trent at 12.30pm on Thursday 7 October.

In the video the HGV can be seen slowly driving backwards over the railway lines as the barriers come down on top of the truck.

The incident caused disruption to passengers travelling on the West Coast main line between Crewe and Stoke.

Fortunately, Network Rail engineers worked super-fast to fix the barrier by 2pm that afternoon.

James Dean, Network Rail’s West Coast South route director, said: “It’s almost unbelievable that this lorry driver decided to reverse over this level crossing, putting not only them but also the oncoming train and its passengers in danger.

“It’s not advice we usually need to give but now we must also stress to motorists to never reverse over a level crossing as you won’t see the warning lights. For those driving in the correct direction, our advice remains as it always has – although it might be tempting to jump the lights or race through the barriers – don’t – please just wait.”

Drivers are always advised to:

  • Never reverse over a level crossing.
  • Be prepared to stop at the crossing.
  • Understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms). Download level crossings for drivers (pdf).
  • If the warnings activate, stop – unless it’s unsafe to do so.
  • Remain stationary until all the warnings stop.
  • Check that our exit is clear before driving across.

For more information on level crossing safety visit

Witnesses to this incident are urged to contact British Transport Police by texting 61016 or completing this online form.

Photo/Video credit: Network Rail

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