Caltrain electrification receives funding boost

President Obama has included $125 million in the 2017 federal budget to move forward with the planned electrification of the Caltrain commuter railway in California.

The Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (PCEP) will electrify the line between San Francisco and San Jose, replacing the majority of the existing diesel fleet with new electric trains.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has estimated the total project cost at $1.76 billion, including the infrastructure works and the procurement of 96 new electric multiple units (EMUs).

As well as the $125 million injection, the FTA will also  provide $72 million of previously allocated funding.

Funding is being provided through the FTA’s Core Capacity Grant Program, which is designed to invest in systems that are, or will be within five years, running at capacity. A full list of

Responding to the announcement, Jim Hartnett, executive director of Caltrain, said: “I am thrilled that the President recognises the importance of Caltrain to this country and recommended $125 million for electrification.

“I and the other members of the Caltrain delegation will fight hard to get this funding approved by Congress, and we will continue to push for the full $447 million we originally requested.”


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