c2c Twitter follower’s celebration cab ride

National Express train operator c2c recently ran a competition in which a special prize was offered to their thousandth follower to sign-up on Twitter.

c2c asked their Twitter followers to come up with suggestions for a suitable prize and they overwhelmingly suggested the unique opportunity to travel with the driver on a c2c service and experience a cab ride.

Sarah Gibney from Benfleet, the lucky winner undertook her once-in-a-lifetime cab ride today, Tuesday 22 November.

Sarah said: “The cab ride with a c2c driver was really exciting.

“It was great to see my familiar daily journey from a different vantage point, the panoramic view coming into London was stunning.

“It was fascinating to see the rail infrastructure, and to get a better idea of what it takes to be a train driver.”

National Express train operator c2c has recently begun using Twitter to give customers up-to-the-minute train service information and early indications show the use of the social networking tool has proven very successful, with well over a 1,000 followers signing up in a few short weeks.

Julian Drury Managing Director of c2c said: “We were delighted to welcome Sarah on to the c2c network today and give her a behind the scenes look at the railway.

“We’re pleased to have reached the milestone of 1,000 followers on Twitter and hope to welcome many more over the coming weeks.”

Join c2c on twitter: @c2c_Rail



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