Brunswick Rail purchases new-generation railcars

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Brunswick Rail, one of the leading Russian railcar operating lessers, has announced an agreement to purchase 70 new-generation gondolas from CJSC Promtraktor-Vagon (managed by Tractor Plants Group, which is part of Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.).

The railcars will be delivered to the Company during August and September 2011.

The gondolas, all fitted with innovative Amsted Rail bogies, will be tested over the course of the year as part of RZhD’s ‘Controlled Operation’ programme.

The four-axle 12-1304 gondolas feature several enhancements, including the 18-9836 Amsted Rail bogie with a Motion Control System, which allows for greater service intervals and improved performance compared to the traditional 18-100 bogie.

The new gondolas have an axle load of up to 25 tonnes, an extended railcar body and a load capacity of up to 75 tonnes. The railcars are equipped with unloading hatches and are designed for the transportation of bulk (non-dust) freight.

During the year, the gondolas will be subjected to a series of rigorous examinations and tests by a commission consisting of representatives from RZhD, Brunswick Rail, Promtraktor-Vagon, Amsted Rail, VNIIZhT and other suppliers.

These tests are part of RZhD’s ‘Controlled Operation’ programme to monitor the technical characteristics and operational performance of the Russian freight transportation system.

The tests are expected to demonstrate improved operational and service characteristics of these new-generation gondolas and to result in the start of commercial production of these gondolas in Russia.

Marcus Montenecourt, Amsted Rail’s Managing Director for Russia and the CIS, said:

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of undercarriage railcar components and bogies for heavy haul freight railcars, we are delighted now to be able to introduce our world-class technology to the Russian market.

“There are a number of similarities between the Russian and U.S. rail freight markets, not least in terms of the significance that rail plays in these countries’ freight transportation systems.

“We believe the heavy haul railcar market in Russia will continue to grow, which in turn should increase the overall efficiency of the Russian freight transport system.”



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