Boston looks to buy new Red and Orange line trains

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Boston subway operator MBTA has launched a procurement competition to replace the city’s ageing fleet of Red and Orange Line trains.

The MBTA is looking to acquire 226 new rail cars  – 152 for the Orange Line and 74 for the Red Line, replacing the respective 32 and 44-year-old fleets – as part of a $1.3 billion transport investment programme.

MBTA has said the new trains will have better seating, LED lighting, electric doors and modern ventilation systems.

The winning bidder is expected to be announced next winter and the first carriages should arrive between 2018-19.

One of the conditions of the contract stipulates that the successful manufacturer must completed final assembly of the new cars in Massachusetts to ensure that the investment leads to some job creation within the state.

Governor Deval Patrick said: “Growth requires investment, and these projects will catalyze growth in greater Boston.”


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