Belgium ‘beer train’ promises to keep 5,000 lorries off the road a year

Credit: Lineas.
Credit: Lineas.
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The first test ‘beer train’ between Jupille and Ninove has completed its maiden journey in Belgium – promising to keep 5,000 lorries off the road a year.

Previously beer was transported on a daily basis from InBev’s brewery in Jupille to food retailer Delhaize’s warehouse in Ninove, but now a train will carry the same cargo three times a week.

The shift to a more sustainable method of transport has been made possible thanks to a collaboration with cargo company Remitrans, Development Agency East Flanders and railfreight firm Lineas.

Lineas CEO Geert Pauwels said: “This collaboration, in which a retailer like Delhaize transports a consumer product like beer by rail, is new in Belgium.

“Thanks to this kind of innovative rail solutions, which we develop together with clients, we can breathe new life into the railway and make an important contribution to achieving climate objectives and reducing traffic jams.”

Flemish minister of mobility Ben Weyts added: “The beer train deserves to be copied. Companies don’t have to stare blindly at traffic jams at their front doors: there are often excellent alternatives for the traffic jams at the back door, like waterways or railways.

“When partners work together and look at alternatives with an open mind, thousands of lorries can be removed from our roads.”

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