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Friday, May 7, 2021

Australia’s RailCorp welcomes Union’s decision on Industrial Action

RailCorp CE Rob Mason today welcomed the decision by the combined rail unions to suspend further industrial action while the two parties negotiate an agreement.

“Today’s announcement means that all planned industrial action including Monday and Friday of next week will no longer go ahead,” Mr Mason said.

“This is a welcome gesture and a strong indication of the good faith being shown by both parties as part of these negotiations.

“The delegates at today’s meeting agreed RailCorp and the unions still have some work to do before they’ll put an offer to their members.

“But I am pleased that we can continue to negotiate a resolution without impacting on rail commuters wanting to get to and from work.

“Both the unions and RailCorp have clearly demonstrated they want to reach an agreement and we both want these negotiations to continue.

“RailCorp is committed to working with the unions to reach a fair agreement.

“In the meantime, I’m pleased that unions have taken these steps to minimise any impact on rail passengers.

“It’s a good sign of the progress we’re making in our discussions.”


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