Amsted Rail and Faiveley Transport join forces on the market for freight rail brakes

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Ellcon National, Faiveley Transport’s American subsidiary, and Amsted Rail, world leading manufacturer for undercarriage rail components for the freight market, announced the creation of a joint subsidiary in which Faiveley Transport will have majority ownership.

“This new company will be fully operational on October 1, 2010. It will enable freight car manufacturers to have access to the widest range of components and undercarriage equipment systems”, said Robert Joyeux, Chairman and Managing Director of Faiveley Transport. “This strategic agreement gives Faiveley Transport direct access to the global freight market through Amsted Rail. We will have the opportunity to further discuss this agreement at the end of September when the new joint venture will become operational.”

This union between two world leaders puts them in an ideal position to provide outstanding technical solutions that will improve the performance of trains and increase savings during the lifecycle of rolling stock.

“Ellcon National’s existing brake components portfolio will be integrated with Amsted Rail’s extensive undercarriage systems, enabling railcar designers and their customers to access an unprecedented component engineering team”, explains Mr. John Wories, President of Amsted Rail.

The alliance between these two century-old companies, with their technical expertise and commercial synergies, will significantly accelerate their growth on the world market.


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