Altran Praxis targets rail sector efficiency

Altran Praxis, the international Engineering Safety Management (ESM) specialist, has announced the launch of ESM Gauge, a unique benchmark service designed to help organisations in the rail sector compare and improve their ESM processes.

Altran Praxis’ ESM Gauge meets growing concerns in the rail sector that traditional ESM processes are focussed on assuring compliance but that compliance is seldom achieved efficiently, resulting in yet more ESM activity in order to address the risk.

Developed over the last twelve months, ESM Gauge is an unobtrusive audit that uses guidance from industry standards, in addition to best practice from Altran Praxis’ own extensive ESM experience, to compare stakeholders’ ESM effectiveness and efficiency against industry benchmarks.

The development has resulted in a high-impact assessment which requires just two days on-site and two weeks analysis to complete.

Each ESM Gauge audit provides organisations with a management-level summary of ESM effectiveness and efficiency, while the associated report provides a detailed indication of where efficiency should be improved to meet growing expectations for a leaner ESM delivery environment.

“For organisations operating in the rail sector around the world, safety is critical.’ said Mike Greenan, Director UK, Altran Praxis.

“Demonstrating safety is often time consuming but remains necessary to ensure that high standards are maintained.

“We’ve developed ESM Gauge to help the industry address growing economic pressures, enabling our clients to deliver the same exceptional levels of safety management but with a lower cost and increased efficiency.”


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