Alstom delivers first cars for Panama metro line

Panama Line 1 metro car. Credit: Alstom.
Panama Line 1 metro car. Credit: Alstom.
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Alstom has delivered the first three cars that will form part of a new fleet for Panama’s Metro Line 1.

The fleet was made up of 20 three-car trains but has been reconfigured into 26 five-car units due to increased demand.

The Alstom Metropolis trains reach a maximum of 90km/h and are manufactured at the Santa Perpetua plant in Barcelona, Spain.

Since Line 1 was inaugurated in April 2014 the service has grown and now attracts 275,000 users each day, more than what was initially expected.

Line 1 is approximately 16km long with 14 stations and runs through Panama City, from North to South.

Alstom led a five-firm consortium, made up of Thales, Sofratesa, CIM and TSO, that was awarded the €145 million fleet contract.

Xavier Boisgontier, Alstom managing director North LAM, said: “We are pleased to announce the on time delivery of these additional cars for Panama Metro which comply with the required technical specifications.

“We are delighted to offer a high-quality solution to passengers who use the service daily.”

Alstom will also upgrade the existing signalling and power supply infrastructure required to run the extended fleet with five cars per train.