Adani to build 388km standard gauge coal railway in Central Queensland

Credit: Adani.
Credit: Adani.

Indian firm Adani will build a 388km standard gauge coal railway in Central Queensland, Australia, after giving the green light for the Carmichael coal mine.

Adani chairman Gautam Adani said it was an historic day for Adani, for regional Queensland, and for Indian investment in Australia.

He added that 10,000 direct and indirect jobs could be generated as a result.

The company has already invested $3.3 billion in the project, according to its CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj, and work is expected to begin in September 2017.

In the past few weeks Adani has announced contracts totalling more than $150 million for railway tracks and concrete sleepers for the planned standard gauge rail link between the mine and Abbot Point.

These contracts had gone to regional cities to generate jobs including $74 million for railway tracks to Arrium Steel and $82 million for sleepers to Austrak. AECOM has been awarded a contract for surveying and design too.

Mr Janakaraj added: “We are building a line that will open the Galilee Basin, linking that massive coal reserve to markets around the world, generating power, and – importantly – generating many thousands of direct and indirect jobs in regional Queensland.

“In Adani’s case, it will link its Carmichael coal mine to our bulk loading facility at the port of Abbot Point from where it will be shipped to Adani’s power stations in India.”

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