70% want end to rail privatisation

Seventy per cent of people want to see Britain’s railways renationalised, according to a new survey.

The poll, which was carried out by research agency GfK NOP,  asked 1,000 members of the public ‘Do you think UK rail should be returned to public ownership?’.

Results showed that 70 per cent would like to see the railways returned to public ownership, with 28 per cent disagreeing and two per cent having no opinion.

Mich Whelan, general secretary of train drivers’ union ASLEF, said that the “experiment had failed”.

He added: “This is the biggest ever survey result in favour of returning rail to public ownership.

“It shows clearly that the public is fed up with the franchising farce, a system that is now so discredited that the government stands in total isolation in supporting it.

“The time for tinkering with the existing system is over.”



  1. No doubt the rail unions would like a return to nationalised railways so we can return to national rail strikes just like the good old days!


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