Volume 112 – VTG supplies new compressed gas tank wagon

The Hamburg wagon hire and rail logistics company VTG Aktiengesellschaft delivered the first batch of its newly developed compressed gas tank wagon to its customer Evonik. This wagon, called “Volume112”, is an important new development, the result of a collaboration between the wagon manufacturing plant Graaff and VTG.

“With the development of Volume112, we are benefiting from the advantages of our innovation platform Graaff. The input and bringing together of both VTG’s and Graaff’s technical expertise has, through cooperation, led to a product with high value for the customer”, explains Dr. Heiko Fischer, CEO of VTG. Due to the wagon manufacturing plant, VTG is in a position both to realize its own innovations rapidly and to accommodate the specific requirements of customers and special designs. “With this new, state-of-the-art model, we want to rejuvenate our fleet further in the next few years”, adds Fischer.

Evonik uses the wagons to transport various gases and enjoys the benefit of much higher volume compared with the previous wagon. This increases the cost effectiveness of transport. The wagon, with the same length (18 m over buffers), has been successfully designed to provide a capacity off 112 cubic meters. This means that the cargo weight can be better utilized in the case of many compressed gases. Previously, this wagon type normally had a capacity of 110 cubic meters. It was possible to increase the volume by lengthening the tank within the legally permitted limits and without lengthening the underframe.

“We welcome this new development. It means that VTG is providing us with a high quality, innovative wagon”, says August Henrich, Category Manager for Equipment at Evonik. More customers in the chemical industry have ordered Volume112 wagons, with delivery to commence at the beginning of 2011.


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