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TfL adopts Sentinel ID system

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Network Rail’s Sentinel identification system has been rolled out across Transport for London (TfL) advancing the ‘One Industry, One Card’ vision

From April 1, Sentinel has started to replace TfL’s LUCAS card. The cards will continue to be valid until their expiry date.

Sentinel was introduced in June 2013. The system digitalises worker competencies, medical records and their authority to work, allowing up-to-date records to be accessed on site at all times.

The system uses a mobile app with a built in QR code scanner which can be used to scan cards on entry.

Network Rail is aiming to carry out a full rollout of the system across the sector.

Head of professional development and training at Network Rail said: “TfL’s use of Sentinel represents a significant milestone; not only will the two largest operators of the rail infrastructure be able to use the same system but Sentinel will also provide the opportunity to share data on double-shifting, fatigue management and competence restrictions.”

TfL programme director of infrastructure, George McInulty, added: “We often use the same suppliers as Network Rail so it is sensible and safer to have the same processes and standards wherever we can, so they don’t have to switch between the two.

“Joining Network Rail in the use of the Sentinel ID card is a fantastic example of where we can come together to make our industry a safer and more joined up place to be.”


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