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Aston University transport expert sets out aims to get rail education on track for the future

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An Aston University expert has been setting out how a European partnership is designed to ensure the rail industry workforce is fit for the future.

Dr Marin Marinov, research lead and lecturer in engineering systems and supply chain management, has laid out his proposal for how the project, called ASTONrail, can advance the teaching of rail industry skills at university level.

He established the project – a partnership of eight European universities and transport organisations – to develop the way rail higher education is delivered. It aims to close current gaps between industry requirements and current university provision, and work towards innovation in rail higher education.

Speaking in Paris at the UIC World Congress on Rail Training, Talent and Development on 1 December, he stated that the partnership has two aims to improve current education provision.

The first is to develop a set of new methods and practices for rail skills development, and the second is to draft and establish a common standard for rail higher education provision.

Dr Marinov who is based in the University’s College of Engineering and Physical Sciences said: “A skilled rail workforce is built and maintained through robust university study programmes, teaching and training schemes, intensive programmes and professional development courses.

“Through our activities, current gaps and mismatches between industry requirements as well as expectations and the current higher education provision for rail knowledge and skills development will be tackled and addressed.

“Ideally, new rail skills gained in universities should not be developed in isolation but in partnerships with both the industry and other education and training organisations delivering similar programmes and courses.”

In 2023 Aston University will be marking 50 years of transport education provision. For information about courses offered visit the Aston University website

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